SOLD - Vintage 1978 Burro - $8500 - Baton Rouge, LA

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SOLD - Vintage 1978 Burro - $8500 - Baton Rouge, LA

This little gem of a vintage camper is called Pearl. She has been refurbished and is ready to camp! Perfect for a solo camper, a couple, or a family with small children, everything about this camper is simple and easy to manage.

At just 6 feet wide by 10 feet long, and a fiberglass body both inside and out, this little beauty tows like a dream behind just about any tow vehicle. I pulled it with a Chevy Traverse rated for towing 2000 pounds, and couldn’t even tell she was behind me!

I bought her 18 months ago following a fresh refurbishing. Since then, I’ve done several more upgrades like sealing all windows with Buytl tape (better for our rainy weather in South Louisiana), having the door professionally adjusted and insulated, and getting the propane tank more securely fastened to the trailer. I also had new covers made for all storage compartments.

I had planned on replacing the roof vent with an aluminum one to match the vintage style of the camper. The plastic roof vent is perfectly fine and well sealed, I just wanted to add more charm. The aluminum roof vent, along with a vent that could be used on the side of the camper for even more ventilation, are included with the camper.

Also included are a number of brand new accessories: placemats, coasters, coffee pot, decorative pillows, and decor items. You’ll also get a patio half-umbrella and stand, which serves as an awning.

The two burner propane stove works great, as does the hand-pump faucet and freshwater tank. The kitchen light fixture is original, as is the ice box. A small piece of dry ice keeps your food cold and it’s great for dry camping!

The door features the original looking handle. These are very rare and I’ve seen only one for sale...priced at $800! (It sold quickly.)

The trailer is solid and has its own brakes. Tires are Less than two years old, and in very good condition. I’ve recently repacked the bearings.

I’ve been on some wonderful adventures with Pearl, but I’m ready for a bigger camper and just don’t have the room to keep them both.

This one will go quickly, as I’ve already had several inquiries about it before I Even had a chance to list it for sale. Don’t let this sweet, simple, easy to tow and maintain vintage camper get away!