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Fiberglass RV For Sale's mission is to create a central website that will become the clearinghouse for selling and buying molded fiberglass trailers and RV's.  We'll constantly be adding and updating the history about the different brands and types of molded fiberglass campers so that it is easy for people to become acquainted with our "eggs."  We're also adding a resources section so you'll know how to start enjoying your molded fiberglass travel trailer.

We want to keep the services and basic seller listings free and will do so by defraying the costs through our advertisers and donations from the people we help buy and sell trailers.

If we help you market and sell your fiberglass trailer and you had a good experience then we hope you contribute.

If we help you as a buyer locate one of these hard-to-find gems through some of our advanced research capabilities, please feel free to help us out.

There is no recommended donation, even $5 helps to pay the expenses of webhosting, site design, researchers and ad posters.


You can donate using the online button above or by mail. Please contact for our mailing address.

Your donations help us to continue to be the top resource for Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailers for sale.

Thank you to all our current and future supporters!


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