Licensed Dealer - Commercial Member Trailer Listings

Policy in effect as of 6/20/16. Updated 2021


If you are a Dealer, Trailer Manufacturer, or Consignment shop, we require a listing fee of $50.00 per trailer listing (see below bullet points for ad requirements).

If you are a Flipper or Restorer who sells three or more trailers within a year's time, you then fall under our Commercial Member category and we require a listing fee of $25.00 per trailer listing. This fee remains in place for all your future listings even if in the next year you only flip two. (Note this category is for hobbiests, people working in their garage at home. Professional businesses that restore trailers would fall under the Dealer Consignment category.)

Both fee categories allow a commercial listing for 90 days or until you sell, whichever comes first, and includes some time on the home page as a *featured listing and your ad going out our Facebook feed.

(*home page featured listing rotation and placement vary based upon the current volume of paid ads.  We have room for 2 featured listings. If more than 2 have paid for the space, they will be rotated on and off the home page every couple of days. As the ad ages, rotation to the home page will become less frequent.)

  • Commercial Members are to post an ad that includes: trailer year, brand, length, model, price, location, write-up of features, contact info, and pictures. If you encounter difficulty in posting this info or uploading photos, we are happy to help.
  • The listing must be of an individual molded fiberglass trailer currently for sale in your possession. (not trailers that can be ordered, not an ad for multiple trailers, not a plug for your dealership as a whole, and not a mention of general inventory.)  
  • All the specifics must be in the ad residing on with direct contact information (a stand-alone ad). Website links to commercial/dealer websites, Facebook pages or posts, Craigslist ads, etc., will not be allowed. Exceptions: We do allow a link to an Ebay auction or to a video walk-thru of the trailer on YouTube.
  • The ad must be removed immediately upon the trailer being sold. Dealers/Commercial listings that leave sold inventory active to "generate calls" to the business will no longer be allowed to list with Fiberglass-RV-4Sale.

Payment is to be made BEFORE ad is listed.

  1. Create a user account or login with existing account
  2. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to add the fee to the cart and check out. (please do this BEFORE listing your ad to avoid ad being removed.)
  3. Then proceed with placing your trailer listing in the appropriate category.