Fiberglass RV 4 Sale FAQ's

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 Fiberglass-RV-4Sale Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does “access denied” mean?

When a user receives the “access denied” message, it means the user is already logged in and so the system is trying to prevent multiple log-ins by the same user.  All users who are currently logged in are listed in the bottom left-hand corner of each web page.  If your user name is there, then you are logged in and can proceed with posting a comment or listing/editing an ad.  If your user name is not there, you will need to log-in in order to post.

2) How do I post an ad with Fiberglass-RV-4Sale?

See link:

3) My trailer has sold.  How do I move it to the sold archives?

There are three options.

Option 1: This option is only for people who listed their ad on their own.

1) Log-in and click "edit" on your ad.

2) Type "SOLD" at the front of the "subject" line.

3) Under "Forums," choose "(Your model) Trailers SOLD"

4) Delete any personal contact information in your ad.

5) Click "Save."

Option 2:  E-mail and tell us your trailer has sold and we will move it to the sold archives for you. (Make sure you identify which trailer is yours).  Sometimes we are camping and do not have Internet access for a day or two.  Otherwise, we will take care of it right away.

Option 3:  You can post a comment below your ad that your trailer has sold.  This will at least notify interested buyers that your trailer is no longer available and will hopefully curtail the phone calls/e-mails until we can move it over to the “sold archives” for you.

4) I signed up for a user account but never received the temporary password e-mail.

Sometimes they get caught in spam folders! Please e-mail us at .  Tell us what happened and provide your user name.  We will manually set up a temporary password for you.

5) I am interested in an expired listing.  Can I still contact the seller?

Short answer:  No. When a listing is moved to the “expired listings,” all personal contact info is deleted.  

Long answer: Just because a listing is marked “expired” does not mean it did not sell.  It could mean the listing got old and the seller wanted to expire the original ad and list a new one so that it appears at the top of the category as a fresh listing. Then it sells from that new listing and moves to the “sold archives.”  Therefore, it is possible for the same trailer to be in the expireds and in the solds. 

It could also mean the Craigslist ad we were linking to “expired” and we so we mark it “expired” here, too.  However, possibly the trailer sold but the seller did not know how to remove the Craiglist ad, so it remained until Craigslist expired it. Eventually the expired listings are purged, but we do retain them for a period of time for administrative purposes.

Therefore, please do not waste your time searching the expired listings! Many of them are sold.  And even if the trailer did not sell, we no longer have a way to contact the original seller.

6) Can any fiberglass trailer be listed on this website?

No. The trailer must meet BOTH of these criteria:

A)    Must be Molded Fiberglass  - (No fiberglass panels, trailers with slide-outs or "stickies")

Molded means the trailer is constructed by shooting/pouring fiberglass into a bowl-shaped mold. Two of those bowl-shaped molded fiberglass halves are seamed together with either a vertical or horizontal seam. This is why they are sometimes called “eggs.”

B)    Must be a Trailer or 5th Wheel - (No pop-ups, motorhomes, truck campers, r-pods, teardrops, A-liners, toy haulers, utility trailers, Hi-Lo's. Even if  any of these types are molded, we do not sell them.)

The "Other" category must meet both these requirements as well. Examples of “Other Molded Trailers”: Compact Jr, Hunter, Play Pac, Triple E Surfside, Perris Pacer, Trails West, Acorn, Biggar, Oliver, Little Snoozy, Little Joe, Amerigo, Fiber Stream, Parkliner, Eggcamper, Happier Camper, etc. 

The only exception to this is that Meerkat and Eriba Trailers may be listed, even though they are aluminum. This is because we have found that the Molded Fiberglass Trailer Community really likes them, buys them, and finds them very similar to the molded fiberglass trailer brands.

7)  Can you help me in pricing my trailer?

We have an extensive Sold Archives that sellers can look thru to get an idea on pricing.

8) How can my ad be a “featured listing” on your home page?

To be placed in rotation as a featured listing, you must have direct contact info placed in your ad (email and/or phone).  You cannot be using a “link” out to another website for contact info. No Craigslist or Kijij links can be in the ad. Those links go bad all the time and we cannot have a featured listing with a bad link.  We rotate the featured listings every couple of days.  If you would like to remain in one of the featured listing spots on the home page for a 7- or 10-day period, please contact us for pricing.

9)  I have a trailer for sale in Canada that is close to the U.S. border, so can I also advertise my trailer for sale in the U.S. listings?

We have found that this has caused problems for U.S. buyers who are ending up with trailers they cannot properly license/title in the U.S. As a result, we will no longer allow a Canadian seller to actively market their trailer in the U.S. listing category. 

Keep in mind that even if you are posted in the Canadian only listings you still may end up with a U.S. buyer, as people who live near the border review those ads all the time. 

10) Can I post a link to my Craigslist ad, Ebay ad, Forum ad, or my Facebook Marketplace ad on your website?

Craigslist: Yes, you can, but not JUST the Craigslist link. You must place your entire ad (trailer brand, length, text, pics, pricing info, location, etc.) and then you can use the Craigslist link for your contact point. Any sellers who post ONLY a link will have their ad removed. 

Ebay: Same answer as Craigslist. Yes, you can, but not just the link. Entire ad must be placed (trailer brand, length, text, pics, location, auction end date, etc) and then you can add the link to Ebay so people can place a bid. Ads with ONLY the link posted will be removed.

Forum:  No, we cannot have links to forum ads. The reason is that most all forums require that you set up an account with them in order to view the ad or photos or to post a comment or message the seller thru the forum's messaging system. Any hoop that a buyer has to jump through in order to contact seller will lessen the chances of selling the trailer. 

Facebook Marketplace: No, we cannot have links to the Marketplace. The reason is that buyers must have a Facebook account to view and/or contact you thru the Marketplace. Any hoop that a buyer has to jump through in order to contact seller will lessen the chances of selling the trailer.

If you are having trouble posting your ad or uploading your photos, we are happy to assist.

11)  Can a dealer/dealership post a trailer for sale on this website?

As of 6/20/16 our policy has changed. Dealers and commercial members (flippers/restorers who sell more than 2 trailers per year) can list a Molded Fiberglass Trailer ad for a set fee and must adhere to our guidelines. Please click here to read the details.

12)  Words of advice to buyers: What is the most annoying thing you can say to a seller?

"Is this still available?" or any version thereof. It is absolutely maddening to a seller to continue to hear that question. Granted, there are some sellers who sell their trailer and don't remove their ad. But they are the exceptions, not the rule. If the ad is still up and the seller is willingly publishing his phone number and/or email address on the Internet, most likely the trailer is still available. We know it is a legtimate question - seems polite, even - to make sure it is available before proceeding any further. But when you are selling a trailer and every single contact you get is "Is this still available?", it becomes extremely annoying. The question starts you off on the wrong foot with the seller because that question irritates them - to the point that sometimes they will not even respond to you if you ask them that. So PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ask a seller that question. If the ad is up, proceed forward as if it is still available to buy. 

13) I don't know what price to put on my trailer so can I just ask for best offer?

No. Ads must have a price listed. This is not an auction site where you can ask for bids or best offers. If you need help with pricing, we are happy to assist (see #7 above.)

14)  What if I am concerned something is a scam?

We have a Scam Alert section of our website where we have posted over 400 Scam Alerts thus far in the history of our website and we do a tremendous amount of work to make sure we are aware of and keeping an eye on all current trending scams. We have over a decade of experience under our belt of daily seeing trailer ads and we are on high alert and after scammers. Because of our years of experience, it would be rare that a scam would slip through our filters and actually be listed on the website. But it could, and has, happened.   

If the ad you are concerned about has not already been identified as a Scam Alert, this is the protocol required for addressing it:

Immediately email and provide all evidence and information you have that lead you to believe the ad is a scam. We will immediately take action if we receive evidence of a scam or of suspicious dealings/communications with a seller and will remove the listing. Please do not post anywhere on the website or on an ad that a listing is a scam. Report it to us with supporting info, and we will immediately remove it. This includes adding comments like "this seems fishy," "something is not right here," "bogus ad," or "fake ad," all of which allude to the ad being a scam.

Why is this so important? Because if you are wrong about it being a scam, you have injured a seller. A gut feeling is not evidence an ad is a scam. Just having a low price is not evidence an ad is a scam (sometimes sellers look up NADA value to set their price, not understanding NADA value is not accurate for these highly sought after, collectible trailers.) A lack of pictures is not evidence an ad is a scam (many of the sellers in this hobby are elderly and struggle with digital photography and the uploading of photos). The area code on the phone# not matching the location of the trailer is not evidence an ad is a scam (people keep cell phone numbers when they move.) Not getting a response from the seller in regards to your inquiry is not evidence the ad is a scam. (In fact, quite the opposite is true. Scammers are some of the best at communicating. How are they going to "fool" you out of your money if they go dark and don't reply to your email?) To outright call it out publically as a SCAM there are actually legal implications for you if you are wrong. If you leave a comment that an ad is a scam without providing to us the supporting information, we will delete your comment and, if you persist, your account privileges. This is to protect you as well as the seller. 

We work diligently to alert buyers to scam listings. It is a huge part of the purpose of our website and we have saved hundreds of people over the years from falling for these scams due to our Scam Alerts. But please understand we must also work just as diligently to protect legitimate sellers from people wrongly calling out their ad as a scam and that is why this protocol was developed. 

15) Why are some of the ads "locked" so that I can't post a comment?

There are two kinds of listings on this website:  

1)  Ads that are directly posted by a seller

2)  Ads that are courtesy referral links to other ads that are found by our research team

Most seller-posted ads are not "locked" for comments, as the seller should be monitoring the ad and will respond accordingly.  Some sellers want their ad locked to comments because they don't want to monitor the online ad and want people to contact them directly.

The courtesy referral links are locked for comments because the seller is not monitoring the ad. Our research team is in effect saying to the buyers on fiberglass-rv-4sale, "we found a great trailer over here for you to check out. Click this link to contact seller if you are interested." Since any comments or questions that would be posted to a courtesy referral ad would not be seen or responded to by the seller, we have locked the ad to comments. So click the "contact seller" link we provide and contact thru the original ad.

If your question is different, please e-mail us and we will answer it for you.


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  • No attacking sellers regarding pricing. Our sold archives speak loud and clear to sellers and buyers as to what the current market pricing is. If someone is overpriced, it won't sell and they will reduce the pricing. 
  • No inappropriate images may be uploaded.
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