SOLD - Vintage 1970 Trails West Campster 10' Fiberglass Trailer - $5,900 - Sultan, WA

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SOLD - Vintage 1970 Trails West Campster 10' Fiberglass Trailer - $5,900 - Sultan, WA

This adorable 1970 trails west Campster, is still in original condition.
The icebox is original, the stove works and the sink works. There is also a holding tank for water and in that case you would pump the water out of the faucet with the handle. It is 10 feet long not including the hitch or bumper. These are very rare!
Made of fiberglass and it has a little pop-up rooftop which locks down when you're driving. Some of the fabric may need to be reattached but it is original. It appears the floor covering has been replaced and that is also the bottom of the drawers. There is no bathroom but you can use your own porta potty.
The original table is gone but I replaced it with a rooster top retro table from the same era. It still has the bracket on the wall for a flip down table of your choice.
One of the wheel well fenders, the holes have been broken through where the screws hold it on but that would be an easy fix. The body is in extremely excellent condition showing some wear on the striping. It pulls absolutely wonderfully and any SUV can pull this.
There is somewhere on the word wear your heels kick back when you're sitting on the couch. The couch cushions are original and the back cushion is encased in new fabric but I was told the original fabric is underneath it with vinyl bottoms and backs.
I have the key in the lock works great.
The tires are just fine. I don't know how old they are but I towed it for three hours.
Selling as is. Buyer is responsible for checking everything out prior to purchase. Seller does not warrant anything. Seller describes RV as previous owner did to her.