SOLD - Triple E Surfside Trailer - $9,400 - Gibsons, BC, Canada

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SOLD - Triple E Surfside Trailer - $9,400 - Gibsons, BC, Canada

This is a beauty trailer. We bought it last winter, used it to drive all over the south-western US chasing the winter sunshine. I have to say, it was the best holiday idea we've ever had. You should buy this and do it next!

- In excellent shape. No leaks. These trailers last forever with their fiberglass shell.
- ULTRA light! It was really hard to find one this light when we were looking last year. at 1600lbs it's so light we pulled it to Mexico and back without issue with our EV! We can move it by hand.
- Has one big bed and one small one, was the actual dream for travelling with our toddler.
- Everything works. Has a working furnace and stove, we've never tried the fridge but were told it works too.
- Tons of storage. The area that is usually a bunk in these campers has been turned into a small toddler size bed and a room for a toilet. You could pretty easily renovate it back into having two bunks, or keep the toilet room for storage. We have the bucket toilet that came with it and can include that if you wanted.

- Two broken lights on the exterior top that you could replace, we just used it without them as it still has functioning lights on all sides.
- Could use a new paint job. The paint job is totally fine and functional, just a little ugly.