SOLD - Scamp 16ft Trailer RENOVATED for sale - $14,000 - East TX

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SOLD - Scamp 16ft Trailer RENOVATED for sale - $14,000 - East TX

Instagram Worthy Scamp Trailer Renovation.

Empty the trailer weighs about 2500lbs. It does have trailers brakes.

- Brand new AC unit 
- Propane 2 burner stove
- Propane Heater with thermostat
- New electric lights with dimmer switch
- Electric and propane fridge/freezer
- Toilet and Shower
- Sleeps 2
- Lots of storage
- New vinyl flooring
- Extra counter top that converts into bench sitting area
-Upper cabinet with electronic charging station
-Rear lock box and bike rack

Needed improvements: 
- The hot water heater needs to be replaced. the link below gives an example of the one that is in the trailer now.

- A new roof vent is needed 
-A few small wood trim pieces are  missing and need to be replaced


Email and/or Phone: 


Trailer Location: 

Lindale, TX