SCAM ALERT - 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800

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SCAM ALERT - 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800


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This scam ad is listed in numerous CL ads throughout the U.S. 


Heading/Title line varies ad to ad. Examples:

Water system 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800 - $9 

Dining table 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800 - $7

Super Cute 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800 - $5 

brand-new 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800 - $8

Cozy Travel Pod Scamp 13 $800 - $2 

Fun place 1990 Scamp 13 Camper $800 - $2


CL text and pics:

The trailer is 13 feet overall, and weighs about 975 pounds dry.

Three cushy pillows are also included to make the couch a fun place to curl up with a book and some coffee.

The water system is completely brand-new (I used simple water bottles for water supply, but assumed the next owner would want a water tank system so I installed one

The front couch can be used as a bunk for one adult; the rear dining table can be converted from table and seating for four to sleeping space for two adults.

All interior fabric and cushion foam was replaced with new foam and factory-provided Scamp cushion covers.

It's so lightweight, that I can move it around in the driveway by simply picking up the trailer tongue and walking the trailer around.

EMAIL ME AT: Leslieatkins475@gmail_COM


(do not call, email or pursue buying this trailer. This is a fraud, a scam listing. The email is being posted for search engine purposes.)



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