SOLD! Project 16' 1983 casita shell - $800 - Keizer, OR

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SOLD! Project 16' 1983 casita shell - $800 - Keizer, OR

Fun project we don't have the time for like we thought we would. 16' casita. Completely disassembled. Have original windows minus the very back window. Don't have interior pieces for it, so it's perfect to build exactly how you want! The casita is off of the frame, and will be sold with the frame however I don't think the original frame should be used due to cracks. It would however be perfect to use as a guide for a new frame. Bottom half is primered and we have monsta-liner we were going to use for the bottom half available for sale if interested as well.

I have a newer style flat door that I was going to make work in place of the original door, and that will go with the casita. I also bought a new axle for a new frame. Prices for parts below
Message for more info and pictures, it's hard to upload them in this site, 

For the body, trailer, original curved door, windows (missing the back one), roof vent (new), new door hinges, new door, and other miscellaneous parts we are asking $800 OBO

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Keizer, Oregon