SOLD - Mid-1980’s Scamp 16’ PROJECT - $5,500 - Hesperia, CA

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SOLD - Mid-1980’s Scamp 16’ PROJECT - $5,500 - Hesperia, CA

Hello, I am selling our mid 1980s Scamp 16 footer project trailer. It does NOT have a bathroom but it does have a large closet space that you can put a cassette toilet in, i’m not sure what layout this is considered. Has a bench in the front that converts into a bunk bed. The back has a dinette that converts to a bed, the table in is the lowered position in the photo.
The Scamp will need a little bit of work, perhaps consider it a hard shell tent and build it up from there.
I purchased this two years ago and thought it would be good little project. My wife and I already have a Scamp 13 and we jumped on this 16’ trailer when it popped up for sale a few years ago. I have the paperwork and info from the original owner, after all these years, I still haven’t transferred it into my name.
I put new tires on it before I drove it home from San Diego in 2021. The owner gave me a bill of sale plus the transfer of title paperwork from the DMV, I do have the previous owners information that I will provide to the new buyer. I’m not fully certain it was in his name, because he did mention that his mother gifted it to him, and she was the original owner, it was on her property for over 20 years before he brought it to San Diego.
At some the roof vent blew off and rain water got in and damaged part of the wooden sub floor under the vent. There’s another area near the door that’s also slightly damaged. They will need to be cut out and replaced or just lay new wood on top of the existing subfloor. I covered the open roof vent opening with a piece of wood, but it still needs to be replaced.
The door is in great condition these old fiberglass Scamp and Casita doors have a tendency to straighten out on the bottom, this one is curved perfectly and will seal nicely with the new weatherstripping. The frame is in excellent condition too, no rust other than a little surface rust, it has a good axle too.
It really depends on how far you want to go with this project, you can basically make it into a hard shell with minimum amenities. You technically don’t need the fridge that’s there because most people nowadays install a 12 V fridge, it wouldn’t be too difficult to install a new 12 volt fridge into the existing fiberglass cabinets where the current fridge is. The propane burner will need to be replaced too. One of the wooden cabinet doors above the fridge needs to be remounted. All the cushions will need to be replaced depending on how you want to redo it. The original cushions are present and can be used as a template. The interior is pretty dirty and will need to be cleaned and probably painted. The cabinetry is fiberglass.

As many know, these fiberglass egg trailers and hard to find especially for an affordable price. We paid 5500 for this knowing we could a little bit of work into it and have a nice trailer for reasonably cheap… These trailers are just so cute and cool.

Another great thing about these Scamp trailers 16 foot or less, in CA they can be registered under the permanent registration program. So rather than pay $175 a year, the fees are $20 every 5 years, our 13 foot trailer has perm. plates.

I’ve recently become fully self-employed and work has been taking up all my time, I don’t currently have the time to focus on the trailer and we thought its best to offer it up to someone who could use it.

One final note, the latch that’s on the trailer that locks to the 1 7/8 tow ball needs to be replaced, I already purchased it, it just needs to be installed. Also, the trailer does not have any lights. I got it home with an inexpensive set of tow lights from Harbor freight. We used some wire to temporary mount the lights to the trailer. It worked as I drove home in the dark p.m. hours but I removed the temporary lights and probably discarded them, it’s been a while.

With all that being said, I’m pretty firm on the price. Just let me know when you would like to come see it, a days notice is preferred. If I have time, I’ll try to replace the front latch on the front of the trailer. Just be sure to swing by Harbor freight or a hardware store and pick up some tow lights if you’re serious about it, I think the ones I purchased had a 20 foot wire.

I’m selling this trailer as is.
Pretty firm on the price.
Cash only please, I’m not set up for any of the banking apps. Cash works best for me. I will provide all the information from the previous owner.
I am located in Hesperia, ZIP Code, 92345.
The last few pictures are from the night I purchased it two years ago.
If you have any questions or would like to come see it in person, please feel free to reach out.
Thanks for looking.