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Scamp Owners International

When you finally find your new-to-you Scamp Travel Trailer or while you're looking, you'll want to come join in the fun with one of the oldest Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer Owners Clubs. Scamp Owners International (SOI) was formed in 1999 by a group of eight Scamp owners at a chance meeting at a campground in Florida. 

Now SOI has launched an online clubhouse and store to add to its rich history.  Get answers to questions about your Scamp Trailer, find out how to do modifications and maintenance, or just hang out and have some fun discussion with fellow enthusiasts.  Free Basic Memberships or paid Lifetime Memberships are both available.

Owners of all brands of Molded Fiberglass Travel trailers are welcome to join SOI as well, so come check it out! SOI even has some members with pop-ups, A-liners, and custom vans, but we all know they'll end up in an Egg eventually.