Escape Travel Trailer Information

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Escape Travel Trailer Information


Escape Trailers is still manufacturing new trailers and can be located on the web at:

Escape Trailers

Escape's Toll Free Number  



Escape Trailers has been building small travel trailers since 2003 and is located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

They currently produce 17A17B19-foot21C, and 21NE travel trailers and also the Escape 5.0 5th Wheel

23-foot is in the planning stages.

All Escape trailers have a 100% molded fiberglass body.  The body is constructed from a top and bottom shell, which are fiberglassed together at the center prior to demolding, to create a seamless body construction.  This eliminates any chance of water penetration while maintaining a strong, long-lasting, lightweight RV.  The frames are constructed with 3" box steel and a rubber ride torsion axle suspension, creating a solid foundation with a smooth ride.  The interior is professionally finished with natural oak cabinetry, large windows, high-grade linoleum flooring, and a unique insulated vinyl headliner/wall covering.  The Escape includes a large list of standard equipment and a complete options list is available for customizing.