EXPIRED LISTING - Boler Food Trailer - $9,000 - Tacoma, WA

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EXPIRED LISTING - Boler Food Trailer - $9,000 - Tacoma, WA

Food trailer for sale

It is such a CUTE setup. Perfect for 2 people in it....great for car shows or other large events, catering gigs, etc !
what does it have?
*hand wash station-plumbing with instant hot water heater and clear water and gray water tanks and pump.
*instant hot water heater
*service counters
*panini grills for open faced hot dogs
*generator for power of grills
*It has NO REFRIGERATION. We use coolers with Ice and it comes with one.
*it's not for anyone over 6' tall since sorta short
*cash register (old school)

IT'S READY TO USE for temporary or seasonal events.

Questions we have been asked:
Is it water tight? NO, I store it in my garage
Does it have electricity? No, I use a generator and 50ft extension cord
*Is it Washington State registered food truck? not licensed as a mobile annual unit through state of WA. Other than using temporary permits (which is totally fine just a bit more expensive if you do tons of events which I don't).

This would take significant money to acquire a permanent permit. This is more of a temporary permit/seasonal permit type setup.