2018 13' Scamp w/ bathroom - $16,000 - Delray, WV

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2018 13' Scamp w/ bathroom - $16,000 - Delray, WV

Ok, sure, the pictures indicate it needs a bath, and I’ll give it one.  Just cleaned it out and populated my new R-Pod.  I got the Scamp because that was all my Avalon could handle, and it did great.  In fact, I’ll miss this Scamp, but it’s just a little cramped for two people.  I have a Highlander so was able to go with a bigger trailer.

2018 13’, full bath, queen bed, awning, no A/C.  I wanted to keep the weight down for towing, but I will toss in a Climate Right dog house A/C unit (think it was around $400 and you can’t get one today), It fit in the trunk of my Avalon so that weight was kept off the hitch.  I have a window interface (the ugly wooden thing with hoses sitting on the table).  The Climate Right works, but only with a wired remote. It will also work with the Honda EU1000 generator (1kw, not included).

I will say the Maxair roof fan works wonders, I plan on getting one installed in my new R-pod.

This Scamp has been to Yellowstone, Smokey Mountains, and a couple other places.  It does not do well behind a heavy duty truck as that suspension is really rough on the Scamp.  In fact one of the straps for the water tanks is broken, but the tank functions fine.

Doors on the Scamp are bad.  Had a hinge break due to a class issue with the 2018 models, factory sent me new hinges and I replaced.  Bottom of the door is not a tight fit and mice have chewed part of the rubber seal (you can see light through the door, rubber probably needs replaced).  As a result, mice get in and until I made the five gallon bucket mouse trap deal, mice were a big problem with the Scamp.  I will include this setup with the trailer.  I catch around 4 or 5 mice a year, and with this setup, they fall into the trap before doing any damage inside the camper.

Exterior lights – another Scamp class issue.  They tend to fill up with water and well, I can get them to turn on if I play with the switch enough, but they generally don’t work.

Other than that, like I said, it’s a great camper but for me and my new fiancé who plans to spend months on the open road with a couple of Basset Hounds, I’m going with something a little bigger.

The Scamp is located in Delray, WV, 26714.  Due to the number of scams I encounter when trying to sell a vehicle or RV, I’m going to insist that if you wish to purchase, you can check it out at my WV place (I’m there most weekends) but if you decide to purchase, I’ll tow it to Winchester, VA to your bank branch where I’ll watch you either collect cash or draft check from the teller.  Sorry to be that way but I spoke to the dealer that sold me my R-Pod, the finance guy said there’s no way to tell if a draft check is valid and they have been burned on more than one occasion.


The Scamp is currently winterized (hence red on bottom of shower floor).


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Delray, WV 26714


$16,000 OBO
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