SOLD - 2015 17ft Casita Spirit Deluxe - $23,750 - Arlington/ Smokey Point, WA

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SOLD - 2015 17ft Casita Spirit Deluxe - $23,750 - Arlington/ Smokey Point, WA

Just in time for the summer, I am offering my wonderful 2015 Casita Spirit “DELUXE” for sale.

I don’t believe that anything over 1 year should be called “LIKE NEW”, but I will gladly say this thing is in excellent condition, VERY clean and EVERYTHING works as it should. It does not omit any weird odors (smoke, mildew, urine, etc).

If you don’t know, these Casitas are notoriously reliable, and completely waterproof. They NEVER leak. They hold their value just as well as an Airstream due to shortage of supply, and increasingly high demand.

Has a roof mounted fan, 3 speeds forward and 3 speeds in reverse, 2 25 lb propane tanks, deep cycle battery, 2 burner propane stove, Color TV, 3-way Dometic (12-volt, 120 volt, and propane) refrigerator, Water heater, your standard gray/black water tanks. The two tables (large 4 person in the rear, smaller 2 seater in the middle) convert to beds, can sleep 3-4 , and maybe 4-5 in a pinch (they gotta be very close people). Perfect for a small family, or a couple who wants to go camping and enjoy the outdoors, but don’t need a 35’ camper and a F350 to tow it with. This thing weighs in at 2480 lbs from the manufacturer. Add water and equipment and you’re well under 3,000 lbs. You can tow this camper with any 6-cylinder SUV with no problem (check your vehicle’s towing capability), or a strong 4 cylinder may work too. It also has 7 pin wiring and great trailer brakes. I also recently greased the "Bearing Buddies" a few months ago. I check it regularly when driving and the hubs are rarely above luke warm. Also, the awning is in great shape.

Like I said, everything electrical also works as it should, from the furnace, AC/heater, water heater, powered tongue jack, TV, water pump, etc.

I am 5’11” and I stand in the camper with no problem. If you are above, I’d say, 6’2”, you’d have to slump down a little.

The only thing I see as a drawback is that the blinds are in “OK” condition. Other than that, I would say everything else is 9 or 9.5 out of 10.

Casitas are carpeted on the inside because they are small and fiberglass, and without carpet they would be incredibly loud. This carpet is in incredibly good shape with no signs of wear, mildew or stains.

I own this camper out-right, with the clean and clear Washington title in hand and in my name. I pay $18 per month to insure it, and about $50 to keep it stored at a lot.

I almost purchased this exact same model (other than gray interior) at an RV store for 29,999 2 years ago. I have looked within 750 miles and this is the cheapest clean Casita on Craigslist.

Has (from factory): -
Furnace, A/C/Heater
Larger 25-Gal fresh water tank
Vinyl flooring
Friction anti-sway control
Electric tongue jack
All interior/exterior LED lights (I’m pretty sure every single light in this camper is LED) including side markers and tail lights
High lift suspension package with 15-inch wheels
Range/stove cover.

I have not used it this year, but summertime I like to go camping once or twice per month. So, let me know when you want to look at it, if I am not out of town on a camping trip, I would be happy to show it to you.