SOLD - 2010 Scamp 13ft Trailer - $15,500 - Summerville, GA

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SOLD - 2010 Scamp 13ft Trailer - $15,500 - Summerville, GA

This is a 2010 13ft Scamp 
It weighs about 1450 lbs dry 
Can be towed by most crossovers, mini SUV’s 
We towed it with our 4cylinder RAV4 across the country no problem. 

- Length - 13ft 
- Width - 6ft 8in 

- Awning 
- Dual propane tanks 
- Air condition
- Propane Furnace 
- Two burner stove 
- Sink with hand pump. 
- 3-way fridge (12v, AC, Propane) 
- Screen door (my favorite feature) 
- Bed that has the potential to convert into a booth and table 
- Couch that turns into a bunk bed 
- 12v ceiling fan to vent 
- Small window above burners for ventilation. 
- 15 gallon fresh water tank 
- Plenty of windows for natural light and ventilation. 
- Tall closet space
- Plenty of storage  

What’s wrong with it?
- The AGM battery was purchased earlier this year and we’ve done a poor job of maintaining it while moving. So now it doesn’t hold a charge. It may be as simple as refilling it with distilled water and giving it a proper charge. But they are about $90 - $100 at Walmart so we’ll go ahead and knock that off the price for the inconvenience. 
- I lost the key to the front door. You can either get a locksmith to make a new key or just get a new doorknob off Amazon or from Scamp themselves. For now I just take the screws off with my power drill so the doorknob can turn and open.

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Summerville, GA