SOLD - 1999 21' Bigfoot Trailer - $13000 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1999 21' Bigfoot Trailer - $13000 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Up for sale is my 1999 21 foot 2500 bigfoot travel trailer. This is the rear bed 4 season model. This trailer is in great shape. Winterized yearly. Zero leaks and everything works as expected. About 3500lbs dry so a mid sized truck should do. You should be able to find lots of info online about this trailer. Comes with 1 winter cover (shown in pics) and 1 brand new lighter cover. Polished and waxed every year. Stabilizing jacks on all 4 corners.

ONE CATCH:. We are planning one final trip to the island. This trailer will not be available until September 3rd. The asking price is lower than it should be because of this. If you need it sooner, the price would be +$1800... About the cost of me renting a trailer for a week. I prefer that no money changes hands (e.g. deposit) until the day of pick up.

Recent: tires and brakes (under 4k on them), awning fabric, kitchen sink, suspension shackles/bolts, vent covers, folding shower door(nice upgrade).

I will throw in: Huge Camping Mat, WiFi Dash Cam (can be used as rear camera with your phone in real-time), Sewer Hookups and freshwater hoses, weight distribution hitch. I'm sure there are other things I can't think of right now.

There is light surface rust on the frame and a few (very few) hairline gel coat cracks. These should be easily remedied. A couple cabinet doors may need attention (separating), Blackwater tank sensor needs cleaning or replacing (does not register empty). No TV. No air con. No microwave. Inspectors welcome at buyers expense of course.

This is a good deal for a very sought after trailer. Asking $13,000 OBO (that doesn't necessarily mean lower). I will work with the best offer by August 19 which is a few days before our last trip with the trialer. If you have any questions, please read the Q & A section below. I am updating it on the fly from questions already asked. Please email if your question isn't listed or need more clarification.

I also implore you to check out these videos of the trailer taken today (Aug8):

Interior - Front:
Interior - Rear:
Tires Walkaround:

Questions and Answers:

Q: What are the specs?
A: Here is a link to a 2000 model year Bigfoots (1 year newer):
Look on Page 18 (Model 2500 Trailer). Hopefully this will answer most of your questions. The layout and features are almost the same and it does point out the differences. One thing it doesn't point out is that new exterior decal design with the swooshes are new for 2000. I don't know if this important to you or not.

Q: Can I leave you a deposit?
A: No. I prefer no money changes hands until the actual day of purchase and transfer of ownership. Cashier's check or money order is preferred. There is my bank and an ICBC Autoplan dealer nearby.

Q: Why are you selling?
A: The "kids" are now 20 and 17 and it has not been fashionable to camp with us for a while now. We have only used this trailer for 1 or 2 trips a year. That’s it. It's no longer worth paying for a storage spot. It should be owned by someone that will use it.

Q: Can I view it in the storage spot?
A: Unfortunately no. The owner of my storage spot made it abundantly clear I am the only person allowed on his property because of COVID. I also don't want to burn any bridges since I have the spot for a while longer and 'may' buy a new toy (boat?).

Q: When and where can I see it in person?
A: I will be pulling it out of my storage to view on Saturday, August 15. I may do another viewing before my trip if there's enough interest. It will be in the Oakridge neighborhood in Vancouver. I will send location details for those who are interested. Please reply if you'd like to schedule.

Q: Can you take a specific picture or video of ___?
A: I can definately try but no promises. Note that I will take more vids once I take it out of storage to show the appliances and propane at work.

Q: Can I schedule a time?
A: Yes. This is preferred. I do want to respect the new COVID protocols and don't want people coming at the same time. I will have hand sanitizer available before you go into the trailer. I know it's weird, but I'll need to ask that you limit what you touch. Please reply if you'd like to schedule.

Q: Can you hold it longer than September 4th?
A: Yes. I can be flexible by a couple weeks.

Q: Will you deliver?
A: It depends. I can if it's a reasonable distance (<50km?).

Q: I live on the island; can I view it when you're here?
A: It depends, if there is not any acceptable offer by August 19, I will make a stop on the island for a trailer viewing. In that scenario... My Duke Point ferry reservation will afford me a couple hours on my travel day home (September 2) in either Parksville or Nanaimo to allow people to view. I will send location details to schedule a time for those who are interested. The other option is you can view the trailer in its “natural setting” at Quadra Island between Aug24 - Sep1. We will need to schedule this way in advance since there is no cell reception. I'll send an update if no offers were accepted by August 20.

Q: I live in the US, can I come up and buy it?
A: Are you allowed to come due to COVID? I don't think so. But if you manage to make it up, you will be responsible for all the paperwork required to bring it over the border. I will sign whatever papers are needed to transfer ownership.

Q: Why is there rust on the frame?
A: First off, it's 20 years old. :-) ... but most was probably due to previous owner who used the trailer primarily to travel from N.Vancouver to stay at Whistler IN THE WINTER to stay while their kids attended ski camps. As I mentioned, it is a 4-season trailer. The rust is all surface and there is NO ROT. I use rust inhibitor every other year. I was planning on doing a POR15 treatment on it for a more permanent fix but never got around to it. Either treatment mentioned will keep it in control indefinitely.

Q: How did the gel-coat hairline cracks happen?
A: Although I do try to cover it over the winter months, the fact is this trailer is stored outdoors and does get exposed to the elements. I do polish and wax it every year to try to protect it as best I can. These cracks are occuring near the corners so it may be due to the trailer flexing over the years (?). Google shows how these can be addressed yourself. Another reminder... this trailer is 20yrs old!

Q: Are you the first owner?
A: As far as I know, I am the 3rd. This trailer had stickers that state it was bought in Kelowna. The previous owners lived in North Vancouver.

Q: Have you ever had to do any professional repair?
A: No. However, there does appear to be some discoloration on a small section of the floor that I assume was from a leaky entrance door in the past. It has been completely dry since I've owned it.

Q: Can I install solar panels?
A: I believe so. There are DIY kits that make this easy today.

Q: Does it have heat pads for the black/grey water tanks?
A: No. The trailer uses forced air for heat. The tanks are insulated and enclosed. There is a duct from the forced air system into this to prevent the tanks from freezing.

Q: Do you have pets?
A: No.

Q: Do you store it outside?
A: Yes. It is always under a proper RV cover for the winter and is winterized properly.

Q: Can I transport a kayak or paddleboard inside?
A: Yes. The rear window has an emergency release that allows you to open it fully. I’ve carried a paddleboard inside in the past. I’m sure some kayaks can fit as well.