SOLD - 1997 13' Scamp for sale, original owner, $8000 ABQ, NM

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SOLD - 1997 13' Scamp for sale, original owner, $8000 ABQ, NM



beautiful scamp with orange vinyl wrap


i purchased this new in 1997, and i have used it extensively with my wife and son.

the last trip was crested butte, 3 weeks ago.  no repairs need to be made.


i originally towed it behind a 1995 toyota pickup, witth 150 horsepower.

now it is towed behind a 2013 highlander, 265 hp, and i can drive comfortably and safely at 70 mph.


the pick up lasted 20 years and 265,000 miles, the point being i take care of my belongings.



2019     new tires.  generally, you need tires every 6 years.

             fantastic fan (not in picture)

             80 amp solar panel (zamp solar)

                the solar clips to the battery and will keep the fantastic fan charged

                i haven't needed to use it yet;


2018    full inspection.  you need to make the wheel assembly is good and the furnace

works. otherwise, not much to inspect;


2017    all new mattresses,  triple the thickness of the originals, and new covers;



battery/ electrical  and propane work fine.  i had an extra light put in above the dining room table at purchase.  again, no repairs need to be made;


no bathroom.  i would google "cassette toilet" and buy one for $100.  they work well;


no water.  i took out the water tank 20 years ago and carry a cooler.  the water lines are still there, so in theory you could buy a tank from Scamp and it would still work.  since we stay at campgrounds with water, i have never felt the need to carry gallons of water in a tank, feeling the water will only get contaminated;


no refrigerator.  again, i like to keep things simple.  my $350.00 Yeti cooler works just fine and keeps ice for days.  again, in theory you could buy a frig -- the new ones are very impressive -- and put it where that red crate is,which is the original space for a refrigerator;



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albuquerque, NM