SOLD 1996 17ft Casita Spirit Trailer - $10,000 - Denver CO

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SOLD 1996 17ft Casita Spirit Trailer - $10,000 - Denver CO

1996 17 foot Casita trailer in good condition with title. Sleeps three. Has a full bathroom, sound system, 3-way refrigerator, two sinks, stove and gas heater. No AC. Can be pulled by any vehicle with at least a 3000 pound tow limit. All appliances and lights work. Axle is two years old. Will fit in most garages. Also includes various parts, linens, cookware, modifications, and documentation. Solid trailer with only minor imperfections. $10k. Molded fiberglass trailers do not leak or lose value like stick-built units, so if you treat this one well, you can give it to your children when you’re done with it.