SOLD - 1989 Scamp 13 Trailer - $10,000 - SE Portland, OR

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SOLD - 1989 Scamp 13 Trailer - $10,000 - SE Portland, OR

Up for sale is a vintage Scamp trailer. If you don't know about these, they have been around since the 70s, and a small family-run joint in Minnesota makes them. The company is booked out for new trailers at their factory for 3+ years, and it's been like that for a several years. Over the years they've developed a more-than-cult following in the RV community for their fiberglass design and their light weight. This trailer had one previous owner and sat for most of its life in a barn in Indiana - the frame and floor are in terrific condition and the core components are all original. My time with these campers basically confirm that the hype is real - they are extremely well-designed, timeless, versatile, feather-light, and durable.

I got this and started renovating/updating (detailed below), but life changes have me moving overseas, and I can't take this guy with, so it should go to good use!

-1989, 13' layout, no bathroom layout (a couple of common/easy places people install them if you're so interested. I personally decline such an option in a small space)
-Towing weight: 950 lbs (!!) dry - it's a joy to tow, even on smaller vehicles. Surprising amount of clearance on the trailer too, ~13''.
-New-ish tires, bought right after I got the trailer and probably traveled 10k miles. Full-size spare with original 1989 cover

-Frame: one of the best assets IMO is the frame being in incredible condition for a 1989. As I saw the frame was great/no rust, I immediately rust-proofed it with POR-15 which is basically indestructible magic, if you're unfamiliar.
-Stove: I replaced the original stove with a new one (~$900); it's a two burner with great pressure. I replaced the brass tubing as well that runs to the propane tank.
-Floor: Replaced subfloor from a leaky coolerbox under the stove area. I replaced it with treated marine laminate board and then sealed the connecting points and haven't had any issues with moisture. Other than that subfloor is great. I took out the old carpet and put down laminate faux-wood vibes
-Cushions - all original! The couch/bunk shows a little wear but bed cushions are basically pristine.
-Door Hinges - updated door hardware/springs
-Screen door- a surprisingly amazing asset in the summer!
-Awning original from '89! - fabric is in great condition, super 70s coloring. legs need service, detailed below

-Plumbing: No water running at the moment, have a tank that I planned to install a footpump with, but then my plans changed! Sink is ready for hookup, hose with trailer etc for connecting to water sources.
-Power - Routing for shore power into outlets installed in the trailer. 30/15/110 compatible - for most people connecting anywhere in campsites our outside a house etc, it's perfect. There is wiring this way for a light above the sink, but I took that light unit out to install a shelf in the kitchen. For power I used mainly a standalone battery powered by 100w solar panels, and touch LED lights and it was great.
-Heating: not built in, I have a portable heater than I'd happily include. Takes about 20 seconds to heat the camper :)

To-Be-Serviced List:

-I have on order a window for the door - a dust storm in Indio valley cracked the glass unfortunately. Also on order is a new door handle.
-Screen netting on hatch and back window need to be replaced - an easy job and I'd be happy to discuss taking care of that etc, or leave it if you prefer!
-closet door is currently detached and I think needs hinges
-awning is missing part of one leg; very easy to jerry-rig while camping for me, and probably an easy repair either involving a piece of metal of the same dimensions as the other leg piece or just installing new legs on the awning.
-there is an open space that could have a door, where the cooler used to live. I had plans for it but I would defer to the buyer's preferences about what to do with that space or sell it as-is. It'd be super easy to make it a door/cabinet/whatever.
-hinges on cabinets will probably get redone unless you have strong opinions!