EXPIRED LISTING - 1988 13ft Scamp fiberglass trailer - $9,500 - Bellevue, WA

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1988 13ft Scamp fiberglass trailer - $9,500 - Bellevue, WA

Regrettably selling my '88 Scamp travel trailer (with clean title in my name, in hand). Only reason for sale is a job opportunity that means I need to move and unfortunately I can't bring this with me. My partner and I completely remodeled this one and enjoyed camping in it a few times since we've gotten it to a usable state but it's time to part ways with it. Has a lot of new stuff from Scamp trailers Co.

New parts include:
- Suburban gas heater
- New gas stove
- Fold away trailer jack
- Plumbing including water pump, city water, etc
- New group 27 deep cycle battery and new box
- Full tank of propane
- Gas piping and lines as well as regulator
- Trailer exterior lighting (brake lights, positioning lights, marker lights, etc)
- Trailer interior lighting upgraded to LED with only the over the range light being an original fixture
- 12v wiring and 120v wiring
- ~50ft 15A shore power cord (may be 75ft i can't remember)
- 12v adjustable fridge and freezer
- Heat reflective insulation lining the entire body under the upholstery
- "Rats fur" upholstery lining the entire interior giving a nice warm and cozy feel
- Entire subfloor
- Tons of hardware like hinges, knobs, screws, etc
- Tons of other such small odds and ends like connectors, ports, bulkhead fittings, etc that are too plentiful to list out but have digital receipts for most of the stuff listed

Can be camped in as is and pulled by anything, even a civic! Its weather tight (tested by recent rains and a garden hose). The only thing that still needs attention is the exterior paint. Its been prepped for a fresh coat as can be seen in the photos but I've run out of time to do this job due to the aforementioned job opportunity. As I said, it can be camped in and used as is if you don't care that much, or give it a fresh coat, no prep needed since that work has already been done and the asking price reflects this.

I don't want to sell this but its unfortunately time to part ways with it. Viewing by appointment only and I'll only consider offers after you've physically seen it. At present I can only accept cash, no checks, digital payment, etc. Cash is KING with offers, don't waste my time, I won't waste yours kind of deal.