SOLD 1985 UHaul CT-13 on eBay (Minnesota) - ($5900)

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SOLD 1985 UHaul CT-13 on eBay (Minnesota) - ($5900)

Located in Minnesota. Listed as a "No Reserve" Auction- (***SOLD FOR $5900***)

Local Pick-Up Only-Located in Ottertail (Central) Minnesota.  

PLEASE be sure to Review Photos and Description carefully BEFORE BIDDING. Please Do Not Bid unless you plan on completing sale. Have pick-up arrangements pre-planned Before purchasing.  $500 Non-Refundable Security Deposit Due Within 24 Hours Of Auction End.  Thanks!

Original 1985 UHaul Travel Trailer.  Rare and Hard to Find.  I am a Scamp Enthusiast (LOVE Egg Campers), and these UHaul 13's (and Burros) have maybe an even more dedicated Cult Following than Scamps (I now understand why).  I am no expert on these UHauls, will do the best I can, so please bare with me.  This particular unit was stored in a temp controlled shed for many years and used as a spare bedroom when family was in town.  A couple of years ago it was sold to a gentleman with plans on turning it into a Luxury Fish House (Oh no).  He had heard I was on the lookout for Scamps (I have been hanging some flyers), and contacted me.  I wasn't going to let it be turned into a Fish House, and bought it site unseen.  I believe these UHaul campers were made for 2 years, and used as Camper rentals from '84-'89, with less than 2000 produced total.  From what I understand, they are a overbuilt Burro (Another Popular Molded Fiberglass Camper).  They are extremely well built, double hull (Inner and Outer Layer) Molded Fiberglass, designed to take the abuse of everyday use/rentals.  After having been in nearly all the different Fiberglass units (Bigfoots, Escapes, Scamps, Casita's, yet to be in an Oliver), this CT-13 UHaul has become our favorite floorplan/camper.  It's very open, bright, with a classic modern touch, don't know how else to put it.  If we didn't have our Scamp 13' almost set-up just rite, we would probably be keeping this thing.  We will definitely own one someday, nows just not the time (but it was a discussion).  You can definitely feel the quality difference between this and our Scamp (Which we love by the way).  The Double Hull Design (Scamp is Single Hull), Full Fiberglass Floor (Scamp is wood), Larger Windows, Shiney Fiberglass Walls (No Rat Fur)-It just feels more solid.  Even the door latch feels like something you would find on a commercial door.  I really do like this thing, and to be honest, won't be that disappointed if it doesn't sell.  It does NOT come with a Title, Bill of Sale Only.  From what I can gather, it was lost sometime ago, and neither of the previous owners ever pursued getting one.  From the little research I have done, the VIN on these units is either on the tongue area of the trailer or on a plate forward of the Axle.  I do see some numbers on the Tongue area, and also a plate near the axle, but they will have to be cleaned up to read correctly.  So basically, it appears the VIN is on the trailer somewhere, so you will either need apply for a Title Search at the DMV, or license it as a "Home Built".  I have never done either, and have heard some states don't even require titles or registration on trailers of this vintage, I would probably check with your State's DMV.  You will get a "Bill of Sale" from us, as well as a copy of the "Bill of Sale" we received from the previous owner (and contact info).   When we drove to pick-it up, we actually camped in it 2-nights on the drive home and it Camped wonderfully (Photos were taken on that last day when we pulled into the house).  It's a good solid U-Haul Camper overall, and will do the best I can to describe condition.  See Below-



Great Overall Condition for the year.  The Fiberglass Shell appears to be in great shape with No cracks or damage in the actual Fiberglass that I can see.  Everything is straight, and nothing to be ashamed about here.  The Gel Coat (Finish on Fiberglass) is also good overall.  I do see some normal small rocks chips and minor wear marks in the gel coat.  It looks like someone kept up with maintenance and filled in chips or areas of wear in the gelcoat over the years.  But overall, trailer still has a shine, Fiberglass is solid, with just normal use/age in the Gel Coat Finish.  Areas like next to the door were folks are loading/unloading and chipped the finish (there is a spot just left of door opening), or front & fins were a rock may have chipped the finish.  The Windows and Screens all appear to be in good shape with no cracks or damage in the glass.  As you can see, It is missing the Front Window Rock Shield, the hinges are there, but No shield.  Also the UHaul Graphics have been removed.  There is no Propane Tank or Regulator hose.  There is a quick connect type hose connection on the front of the frame, so likely someone just removed the tank and hose at some point.  The trailer uses a 1 7/8" ball and 4-Pin wiring hook-up.  Lights all seem to work well, it is missing one upper marker light lens on rear, and one upper marker light lens on rear center is I believe cracked, and has a bunch of caulking around it (likely to keep water out of that light, see photo).  Someone has done a recent caulking job on some of the windows, the others look fine.  One of those things, if it looked like it needed it, they did it.  Door and Lock works well, Original Keys Included.  It could maybe use new door seal foam, but current seal was working fine, with no light escaping.  The (RARE!) side window vents/Louvers unique to this camper appear to be in good condition with no cracks or damage.  New vent cap installed on the roof.  The original Solar Panel is intact, with no cracks that I can see.  Did not install a battery into the camper, so did not test it.  Tires appear to be in good shape, have plenty of tread, as does the spare.  We towed the camper around 350 miles and it towed well, with no issues.  I did grease the bearings, so those are good to go.  I don't love how someone attached the 4-Pin towing wire (See photo), but may get that sorted and clean it up before it goes to it's new home.  Overall, the exterior condition is in excellent Pre-owned Condition, with just normal wear/usage in the Gel Coat finish, and seems to tow really well.   If I was to keep it, I would go over every seam and caulk line and give a good once over looksie, but everything seems solid and ready to go.   Please be sure to Review/Zoom All Photos, and give it a good look.       




 Interior is in Great overall condition.  We noticed no odors or signs of leaks. You would never think this was a rental at some point (maybe it wasn't for very long, who knows).  I have seen Scamps and other trailers much newer, with more wear & tear.  The fiberglass on the interior is in great shape, still very shiny.  The carpet strip on roof that covers the single seam shows no stains, near perfect shape.  Cushions are also in excellent condition, with no tears or stains, and foam is also in great shape, just normal usage.  Was really happy to see the condition of the cushions.  The Table Top is near perfect, with no issues at all.  The carpet looks like it was replaced at some point, it is is great shape, except for marks under the table from what looks a separate pedestal that was removed at some point, and another faint stain that is under the rug shown.  We did do a spot clean on a small section of the stain to see if it would come up, and it was, so likely just needs a cleaning in that spot.  The sink is in great condition, and someone added a "Rocket" Hand Pump at some point that feeds from a removable water container under the sink.  There is no holding tank that I can see, but did test out the pump faucet, held prime great, and worked well.  The potable water container was easy to move in/out, and was liberating just walking up to the faucet and filling up.  I also see that the city water connection under the sink can be attached by simply changing the hose out that goes into the water container.  The stovetop looks to be in good shape, there is no propane tank attached, so did not test it.  Also, someone made some nifty matching covers for both the sink and range (see photos).  As you can see the Fridge is removed (from what I understand the fridge they used in these models did not stand the test of time), so someone added a simple curtain for extra storage.  Below the closet it also appears the camper is plumbed/gas line for a Furnace, but not installed.  Someone also added a nice countertop extension on right side of counter, looks almost factory, but I don't believe it is. I did plug 110V into the camper, and the AC plugs above the sink worked great (we charged phones and ran a fan).  Under the rear bench is I believe were a battery is meant to be installed (not included), I see Alligator clips there anyway.  I did not install a battery to test the 12V lights, and will let the new owner sort that, but my guess is, may need new bulbs, if that.  So as far as electrical, I only tested the AC outlets, the 2 lights did not turn on, so they either run on 12V or need new bulbs (best guess).  As far as overall interior wear, the only things I really notice is the cabinet door below the sink has a repair on one of it's corners/shows use (other cabinet/closet doors in great shape), the roof vent could use some new screen, the stain on carpet (as mentioned above), and one window is missing the plastic hold latch, and another window has some black tape on one of its edges to hold a trim piece on.  Otherwise, really nice pre-owned condition, just ready for a new owner to make it their own. Original Keys for the door lock also included.  It's ready to camp, and we were very comfortable in it for the 2-days. I tried to include as many different photo angles as I could of the interior, exterior, and underside.  MANY Additional photos available upon request, or if you would like a photo of something in particular just let us know. 

No Title Included (Bill of Sale) ONLY

Very solid, UHaul 13' camper, and pretty much Ready to Camp.  Just needs new owners personal touch.   Bones are good.  Has also not had it's Spring Bath or Cleaning, will leave that for the new owner.  I have included as many close-up photos as ebay will allow (24 Photos).  Please be sure to Review and Zoom all photos for Condition and Description.  Unit is Sold As Is, please be sure to realize this is not a brand new Camper what you see is what you get.  Trying to be upfront as possible with buyers, please be sure to ask questions BEFORE purchasing.  


Trailer Location: 

Ottertail, Minnesota


sold for $5900