1984 U-Haul CT13 Fiberglass Trailer - $15,000 - Sacramento, CA

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1984 U-Haul CT13 Fiberglass Trailer - $15,000 - Sacramento, CA

Our 1984 U-Haul CT13 (for “Camper-Trailer 13 feet”), Roly Poly, has been ideal for us, but for health reasons we need a campervan now, so we must sell him.

Roly’s total length is 13 feet; his interior is 10 feet long; he weighs 1,250 pounds empty. The egg is made of two fiberglass double-hulled halves. He’s a U-Haul CT13, which were intended for the rental market and were consequently built more sturdily than your average egg. They’re rare and historical, far better than a pop-up or a teardrop, and essentially cool. Fewer than 2,000 were made.

Roly has been perfect for us. He’s nimble. You can go anywhere. Camping in Roly is like being inside a cozy little pearl. It’s been fantastic to have everything all ready to go whenever we wanted. We took many long trips into the mountains and camped in remote areas in very cold and very hot weather.

But now, after 11 years with Roly, we are selling him because one of us got cancer and doesn’t feel up to dealing with a trailer anymore. We’re hoping to get enough money for Roly to buy a campervan, which we believe will allow us to eke out a few more years of camping.

We have done so much to Roly to make him functional and comfortable for one or two people who love to camp. We hope some person or couple will take him out to camp again.

We are asking $15,000. If you’d like more information, email me and I will send you a very informative PDF answering every question you might have.


  • Sway bar—very useful when towing on windy days
  • Replaced propane tank hose
  • Deep cycle battery; replaced wiring for tow vehicle hookup; replaced hookup, wiring of rear signals, and plug from car to trailer
  • Replaced weather stripping on door
  • New front window (Scamp window); new back window and both side windows (Motion Windows)
  • Four interior LED lights
  • Fantastic Fan
  • Solar power set-up; movable folding solar panel
  • Bearings packed
  • New stability jacks
  • New blackout curtains, new curtain wires
  • Covers for door panels (cloud studies by Constable)
  • Storage boxes under bed; portable toilet (Reliance Products Hassock) under sofa
  • Full-time bed; new memory foam mattress; insulated wrap around back of bed; Den-dry condensation prevention mat under bed
  • Down-stuffed sofa cushions; sofa backrest
  • Replaced propane stovetop (Ramblewood GC2-43P)
  • Replaced icebox and super-insulated with rigid foam—it keeps ice for four or five days now.
  • Tires and spare (Carlisle Radial Trail/RH ST 175/80 R13) look fine but are 10 years old and should be replaced.
  • Extra pair of chrome moon hubcaps
  • Spare Bargman door lock cylinder and key

Email me for an informative PDF describing Roly more thoroughly. Thank you!

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