SOLD - 1977 Vintage 13’ Trillium Trailer - $9,000 - Long Lake, WI

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SOLD - 1977 Vintage 13’ Trillium Trailer - $9,000 - Long Lake, WI

A vintage lightweight fiberglass 13 ft travel trailer camper! It is a very rare find!! A perfect little camper for summer road trips and camp outs!

It is the Canadian version of a Scamp. We bought it in 2020 and fixed it up. We replaced all the cushions and fabric. We sealed up the exterior cracks.

The windows have been resealed with silicone and new rubber seals as well as all the cranks fixed. All the windows open smoothly and there are no cracks in the panes.

We added a spare tire and new battery. The propane stove works. The water tank and faucet work good.

We took it off the frame and repainted the frame black as well as fixed the bolts. This seems to be a common issue with these campers. They aren’t properly bolted down.

Besides having cosmetic wear, there is a leak in the back but I patched the exterior fiberglass today (5/26) where it was cracked so that should stop it from leaking.

Mouse proof! We have had issues with mice in our large guest camper but never has a mouse been able to get into the Trillium though they are parked close to each other.

Homemade reflectix window shades! New flooring!

We used it once in the summer of 2020 but haven’t gone camping with it since. We love this camper but don’t have the right vehicle set up to pull it and fit our growing family.