SOLD- 1976 Vintage Scamp 13' - $8500 - Ashland, WI

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SOLD- 1976 Vintage Scamp 13' - $8500 - Ashland, WI


 1976 Vintage Scamp 13’. My partner and I purchased this last year as a project to renovate and use for our travels. This trailer has served us well on several cross-state trips. As we are settling down, the Scamp is ready for its next home. It has been stored well in a heated garage for the winter.

This is a great opportunity to get a sweet retro trailer for a good price, just in time for the warm season!


As you can see from the pictures, a lot of work has been done to revive this Scamp. Here is a list of things that have been replaced:

-All fiberglass benches and units removed

-carpet removed, floor scraped

-floors and walls scrubbed and cleaned, then repainted

-vinyl plank flooring installed

-fiberglass benches reinstalled with new stainless steel screws

-closet and kitchen fiberglass removed to improve spaciousness

-new kitchen installation custom built, birch butcher block with stainless steel enamel sink, including galley foot pump for water

-Exterior of Scamp scrubbed, then repainted with primer and finished with semi-gloss enamel

-Roof vent removed, old adhesive scraped and replaced, reinstalled

-Trailer lights and wiring all replaced with brand new LED lights

-New tires


Here are some things that might need attention:

-Door is warped, handle could be replaced

-Suspension is worn, axle replacement would be best for longer trips

-No interior wired lighting, however fuse box and AC outlets work

-Cabinet door under front bunk needs replacement

-New foam for original upholstery


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Ashland, WI