SOLD - 1976 Boler B-1300 - $13,500 - Black Creek, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1976 Boler B-1300 - $13,500 - Black Creek, BC, Canada

Dorny the Boler
I’m only the 2nd family to own this 1976 b1300 cutie. I bought it about 8 years ago from the son of the original owner. His parents bought it new in 1976 and he grew up camping in it. He then lived in it for a while but he and his wife were looking for something bigger. Dorny and I have had many great adventures together. We’ve travelled as far north as Fairbanks Alaska, as far east as Winnipeg, as far south as Fort Bragg California and as far west as Tofino and Renfrew. We’ve also explored a ton of gravel roads on the north island. I’m sad to say goodbye to my boler baby but it’s time to make room for my ‘new’ 1978 b1700.

Asking $13 500 but will consider offers. With what is currently on the market this seems fair for a boler. There are other Fiberglass trailers like trillium and scamp and Bigfoot but you can’t beat the original boler.

The good
- Original frame is in great condition
- Custom additional fiberglass shelves around top of dinette and in wardrobe.
- Dinette was upgraded to new high density foam from John’s bedroom barn 7 years ago and is in great shape. Home made cushion covers are in good shape.
- New LED tail lights 2 years ago
- Tires and bearings replaced in 2018 and not too many miles in the pandemic. Bearing repacked once since then but due again.
- Has working 2 burner stove though I almost always cooked outside on camp stove or bbq
- Light weight and easy to tow. Al of the huge roadtrips were done with my 2007 Subaru Outback.
- Has a spare tire
- Comes with original owning, but not sure where the poles are. I will look.
- Sink faucet can hook up to hose water but I never do it.
- Indoor / outdoor carpet sits on fiberglass floor and is easy to take out and wash.
- Lower half is a rock guard grey paint that does not chip.
- Has a large lockable tool / storage box on hitch.
- Comes with stabilizer jacks and hitch lock
- Door hinge repair kit installed.
- It’s Pinterest cute and comes with decor items shown in ad.

- cute custom made curtains are starting to fade but still function
- Front bunk was removed but still have the pieces to re install
- Front bench foam has not been replaced. I could never decide what version I wanted.
- Sink has pumping action but water tank removed (I always brought water in a big jug so I knew it was drinkable)
- Generally leak free in big storms you can get a few drops through the vent and the bottom seal of back and front windows. I never tarp it camping so never enough to bother me. I do sometime put a towel there to soak up drops in big storms.
- One of the door hinges on the bottom cupboard fell off 2 years ago and I put it somewhere safe till I had a wrench and it’s never been seen again.
- Could use fresh paint in and out.
- The hinge on wardrobe has caused some damage to fiberglass and should be patched.
- Kitchen cupboard was coming loose but is held in place by support posts and has been that way since before Winnipeg trip.
- Door locks from inside and out but can bounce open especially on bumpy roads so a bungee holds it closed.
- Small hole in ensolite by stove - I did have covered in peel and stick tile but after 6 years I removed it. Hadn’t replaced as I was going to paint this year. The LOVE sign covers it.

- nothing about her is ugly she’s super sweet and functional as is but I did have a few projects planned the next 2 years but on a whim upgraded to a 1700 model.