SOLD - 1975 13' Boler Trailer - $14,000 - East Vancouver, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1975 13' Boler Trailer - $14,000 - East Vancouver, BC, Canada

Meet Greta! The 1975 Canadian Boler! Ready for the road and camping life!  she's waiting for her next owner and years of adventure ahead!

I am listing her for $14,000 or Best Offer.

I purchased her as a single mother and invested in her to ensure she was safe, functional, and beautiful for my son and I. We are only letting her go as our family and home is shifting and growing. I would love to see her passed on into caring and knowledgeable hands.

About Greta:
I've made both mechanical and aesthetic improvements to her over the last few years. I cleaned her up on the inside quite a bit and chose to keep the original fibreglass kitchenette and benches. I had custom covers and new foam cut for the cushions. She still has the original, 1975, elephant skin on the inside for insulation (classic and almost impossible to replace!) As well, I had a custom-made bamboo tabletop built for her (by Maker Labs in East Vancouver) using the original table hardware. For those of you who have slept in a Boler before, you'll know the kitchen table converts into the bed frame and that all of the cushions are organized to create the bed.

Greta currently sleeps three comfortably (two on the bed, one on the couch.) If you're looking to expand sleep capacity to four and have always hoped for a Boler with a bunk, you're in luck! I have saved the original wood frame and cushions that would allow a new owner to build out the original bunk bed.

On the outside, one of the safest and most impactful things a Boler owner can do is inspect and replace the axle. Greta got a new one last summer and I can confirm the amazing difference it makes!

I have held onto all of the receipts and notes regarding the work I've put into her. Meantime, here's a brief (but not extensive) summary of what's been done to her while she's been in my care:

-Brand new axle
-New safety cahins
-New coupler
-Extra steel floor support added
-Front door handle and locks replaced
-Fridge currently capped off, used as an icebox (with refreshed attention could be up and working again, but I find it more practical to use as a camping cooler)
-Custom door window crafted and sealed (when I purchased her, the window was missing all together)
-Exterior caps and hoses replaced
-Propane hoses and lines inspected and replaced (currently without the propane tank)
-Front and rear windows re-sealed
-Propane stove inspected (it looks it's age but works like a pro)
-New tires and new spare tire
-Rear lights fixed and electrical wiring redone
-Battery-ready for an owner who wants to trick her out further (for ease of use, I like using click-on-click-off lighting)
-Custom butter-cream covers
-Six new foam cushions cut and sized
-Brand new custom made Bamboo table top
-Custom white linen curtains

She comes with all of the kitchenware in the photos, as well as:
- Brand new cleaning kit for flushing the water tank (good idea to do this every year before camping season)
- Kit for moisture collection in winter months

Please reach out and book a time to come and see her (we are planning on showing her on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15th.) Only interested buyers, please. If you aren't local, we can consider a Facetime tour.
I will walk you through all of her strengths, deficiencies, opportunities for future projects, my advice on the different local resources to support your Boler ownership and maintenance, and other details unique to Greta. She can be kept inside or outside, however I would take different steps to securing her through a West Coast winter depending on where you plan to keep her.

Boler's are uniquelly Canadian. Only 10,000 were produced and each one is unique thanks to the work of collectors over the years. Greta promises many years of adventure across Beautiful British Columbia and beyond!