SOLD - 1974 Boler American #5070 - $10,000 - St. Petersburg, FL

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SOLD - 1974 Boler American #5070 - $10,000 - St. Petersburg, FL

Frame of restoration done in 2019. New torsion axel and tires. Steel wheels with painted moon hubcaps. Cracks in frame repaired and strengthened, frame treated for rust with Ospho primed and painted black. New plywood floor epoxied on bottom and body glassed to floor. All glass repairs performed with West System epoxy and glass cloth. Wheel wells covered with rubberized coating. Body ground down to bare glass on inside and at repair sites outside. All rivets removed and thin sites, damage and rivet holes glassed over. All internal cabinets are glassed to body creating a very firm structure compared to original. Firing strips epoxied to body around windows and windows screwed and glued to strips for strength and to create a nice frame around window on inside. All wiring replaced with marine grade and heat shrunk terminals. All lighting is LED. 110v distribution panel, 12v power supply/battery charger supplies 12v load via fuse block. New 10gal PW tank with demand pump supplies sink. Sink drains to external fitting no holding tank. Port-a-potty and 3cf multi power supply reefer. 

The most dramatic part is the custom tropical mural style paint job by Corpus Christi artist

Basic original layout remains with modifications. Bed in back is permanent, kitchen is longer to accommodate 3cf reefer. Closet remains. Front table is cafe` style two seats facing each other with a skimboard table. Post-a-potty is under passenger side seat and electrical system under driver's side. 


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St Petersburg FL