SOLD - 1974 13' Boler Trailer Fixer Upper - $7600 - Hesperia, CA

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SOLD - 1974 13' Boler Trailer Fixer Upper - $7600 - Hesperia, CA

I am regretfully selling our vintage fiberglass egg trailer. These trailers are hard to find at least for us it was. It’s a 1974 Boler Trailer. This is a fixer upper, but a good solid base. Needs a good coat of paint. I was told the fridge still works. No leaks that I am aware of. I have the original title. The upholstery could be redone. It really comes down to your standards, if you want it in show room condition then it’s a bigger project but if you just want to hook it up to your Jeep and go camping then it’s ready to go. It’s very light. Was told the wheel bearings were replaced or repacked in 2019 when the tires were installed. It has a dinette in the back that converts into a bed and a sitting area in the front that can be slept on as well. No shower or bath. Great for overlanding adventures. This trailer is very similar to the Scamp trailers, or Casita. A lot of people go nuts over these fiberglass trailers. Some people were taking pictures of it while we were traveling on the freeway and at almost every gas stop, haha. It was quite amusing.
We purchased this last fall as a little bit of a fixer upper. Drove all the way to Arizona to get it. While towing with the 1/2 ton truck one can almost forget it’s back there. This trailer has a lot of history, it was made in the original Boler factory in Canada. This trailer has been used regularly until 2021. The tires are three years old purchased new in early 2019. The person we purchased it from had it for a long time. The story was he actually used to be a Boler trailer dealer back in the 70s and this was his second one. Between the two trailers he traveled to most state including Canada and Mexico. He towed it with a four-cylinder Ford Ranger.
For us we wanted something small and light that was cheap on gas to tow, we have a 2 door TJ Jeep wrangler and this was perfect. It has timeless styling and is priced a lot more affordable than what others are selling theirs for, as it should because it can use some love or TLC and a cleaning.
I was told there was a short or bad ground in the original trailer lights wiring and so it has temporary towing lights mounted in the back, hopefully those still work. I have one or two solar panels it came with that is included with the trailer if you want them. The carpet on the ground is loose sort of like a rug, below that is the original floor which is fiberglass with gel coat, it’s a red or burgundy color I haven’t looked that hard. It would be easy to use the existing carpet as a template to cut in new carpeting. I’m sure everything in the trailer would need to be gone through, the sink water faucet is a hand pump style. I haven’t tested that, really I haven’t done anything to it but purchase it and bring it home. Literally a week after purchasing this the company I was with for 20 years unexpectedly shut down and closed their doors. That’s the only reason it’s for sale. I’m self employed now and just don’t have the time or resources to put into it and I would like to sell it to pay off my truck.
Anyhow if you are interested in it let’s set up a time to come see it. I’m available pretty much anytime. I have the pink slip on hand, the former owner signed it over but left the date and buyers info blank so just fill out your info and good to go. We didn’t transfer title because I was so preoccupied with my former employer closing down and I needed to start a new career path. Oh one more thing, the good thing about these small trailers is that they qualify for the PTA or permanent trailer identification registration program so it’s around $20 every five years for the registration. The negative thing is the current registration I believe is expired for 1.5 years. I will give you some information on registering it under the PTA program. I looked into it and they usually do it automatically because its only a 13’ long trailer , I believe 16’ or smaller campers qualify automatically in California.

Cash only please! No checks or cash apps.
Pretty firm on price.