SOLD - 1973 13ft Trail Mite Trailer - $6,200 - Portland, OR

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SOLD - 1973 13ft Trail Mite Trailer - $6,200 - Portland, OR

Classic 1973 Trail Mite fiberglass camp trailer 12-13' depending on how you measure. Sleeps 2 adults plus 2 kids smaller than the average 12 year old. It's snug. This looks similar to the Scamp, Burro, Casita, Boler, Uhaul. I've had this for a few years and it has gotten little use. Cartoon side decals (see pics) can be removed if you wish, they were put on by the previous owner. This thing is clean and ready to use (bearings greased last year and have 0 miles). We still may have a few good camp days this year or wait for spring. This is kind of a rare bird, check the prices on other eggshell campers - this is a good buy.

Can show most anytime in the Alameda area of NE Portland.