SOLD - 1972 13' Boler American Camper - Great Falls, MT - Ebay Auction, ends 10/20

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SOLD - 1972 13' Boler American Camper - Great Falls, MT - Ebay Auction, ends 10/20

1972 Boler American - manufactured in Wichita, KS

13' Vintage Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Note: There are 5 videos available in Ebay listing (see link below)

Bought this trailer four months ago. Had been in outdoor storage surrounded by other travel trailers and a big bus. I've known the seller for 15 years and the trailer was at his property at that time so I know that it has not moved in over 15 years. I obtained a Montana title and that is notarized and ready to go for buyer. I take as many photos and videos to get the most information. I have been selling on Ebay since 1999. My Ebay items reflect a philosophy of wanting listings that show as much information as possible. I am also a buyer and that is what my listings reflect of what I want in a seller's ads. Please check my feedback. I recently sold a car on Bring-A-Trailer. Unfortunately, they would not accept this Fiberglass trailer when I sent in for consideration.

The Boler is a Canadian Company. Most trailers were built in Alberta,Canada. In 1972 Boler expanded to Wichita, Kansas and these trailers are called AMERICAN on the rear nameplate with Wichita, KS also stamped. Look into Boler history (trust but verify) for how many were made but it was for less than a year in USA which I guess is in America too. In the car/motorcycle world this would be a big deal - In the trailer world I have no idea if this would add to any "value".

This trailer obviously is a restoration candidate. I spent 5 hours power washing the Boler. That's 3500psi of hot water and cleaning chemicals that will strip away and expose any problems or issues. I tell people to always go into a project: "With your eyes wide open" because there is no such thing as a "Easy Restoration". I am including a link to a Boler website that has an excellent Buyer's Guide and there are a lot of resources for this trailer. The research is always the fun part of restorations and it's a computer click away in today's world. I towed the trailer home about 20 miles and had no issues. I would suggest hauling the camper on a car trailer unless you want to do an episode of Road Kill or a Top-Gear Caravan Killing episode.

I've got 10 hours into the trailer getting it prepped and evading the local police while transporting the Boler. I am starting the auction and doing it "old school style" at $1 NO-RESERVE. I am donating 10 percent of the selling price to RED CROSS. Please donate blood or platelets and if you have VIRUS antibodies please contact RED CROSS to donate.

Carbon Fiber weave laid over the fiberglass would look killer with a big 1970 Plymouth Superbird Nascar Wing integrated into the roof. Pink Panther pink with RoadRunner motif...

Items Included (it's all on video):

  • Refrigerator
  • New Tongue Jack
  • 1979 Boler Owners Manual
  • Original 1 7/8" tow ball hitch with safety chains (functions correctly)
  • Spare Tire Mount
  • 110v Electrical Breaker Box
  • Under cabinet Florescent Light
  • Original Cabinet Hardware and Latches
  • Windows intact and retract/open correctly
  • Roof vent original with pull chain intact
  • Leveling jacks for rear bumper

Issues/Other stuff (It's all on video)

  • Original supports intact for cabinets
  • Closet missing inside by non-hinge side of door • There is a wood support intact
  • Wheel bearings have not been serviced
  • Door Hinges are "Garden Gate Variety"
  • "Belt-line" chrome missing on rear half
  • Broken fiberglass and other modifications to hull
  • Cracks in fiberglass
  • Tires were made in the Carter Administration and are suspect
  • Plywood sub-floor rotted out in areas

Misc. Information:

  • DVD of all photos and videos for Boler












SOLD FOR $1628