SOLD - 1971 Trails West Campster - $1,900 - Bellingham, WA

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SOLD - 1971 Trails West Campster - $1,900 - Bellingham, WA

This lightweight vintage Trails West “Campster” adventure trailer is off to a great start! It’s usable now, and it’s in the ideal stage to customize.

All original interior components were removed down to the shell- everything inside is new in the last few years- no old smelly weird stuff, no leaks. Very light and easy for any vehicle to pull. New electrical system, vented and heater-ready. The hardest work is over, and now it’s time for the fun finishes.

New built in wood dinette with under bench storage- converts to large bed (70”x76”)
New 12v electrical (all circuits on fuses, for safety). Includes one 12v marine battery, but there’s space for two batteries for longer off grid adventures. Ready for lights/fan/heater/whatever you want.
New working USB charger
New rigid foam insulation (stays surprisingly warm once minimal heat source is added)
New synthetic sailboat hull fabric along the main walls
New sturdy wood floor
Restored sliding glass windows (no leaks)
New Heater-cabinet lined with non-combustible materials ready for propane heater
It’s very lightweight (estimated around 1000 lbs)- towable by any vehicle with a hitch.

What it still needs
-Suspension - The suspension is original, and it sags to one side- this should soon be replaced.
-Heater - The heater cabinet and venting were built around and is compatible with a Suburban Propane NT-S series or NT20-SEQ. One simply needs to fasten one of these furnaces back in place.
-Interior lights - It’s newly wired for lighting (with new working switches), but no lights were installed
Pop Top - The pop up is secured down and water tight, but if you want to stand up inside at some point, that will need some work.
Paint! - The exterior is in fine shape, but a new paint job would go a long way.

Instead of trying to recapture the many hours and dollars invested into this, we’re just hoping it’s just worth the asking price to the right DIYer with their own dream for it. For more inspiration Google “Trails West Campster”. Additionally, for an overlanding trig, this syle of shell can unbolt from the frame and be mounted on a flatbed truck (google image “scamp overland” for ideas). Happy to answer any questions and/or provide more info.

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