SOLD - 1970's 13ft Boler - $12,000 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1970's 13ft Boler - $12,000 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wonderful little 13’ Boler.
Complete frame upgrade from scratch.
Equalizer torsion axle ends. Designed so If you want to raise the height of the camper for more off road type stuff you can shim them easily. We never used it anywhere but easy access roads. Inside is far from original. No kitchen as we never liked to cook inside. Large counter area and storage. I have the original bunk beds if you prefer that set up. Easy to swap back. We did all the hard stuff and had plans to restore but after the frame build we just decided to get camping. Now we’ve outgrown this little guy. This would be a fun restore for the classic design or it would be just as easy to turn it into a food truck?
Options are endless. The hard part is done, who wants to make this their own?