SOLD - 16' Liberty Van Companion Camper - $7500 - Tracy, MN

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SOLD - 16' Liberty Van Companion Camper - $7500 - Tracy, MN

This is a rear liberty van companion camper. That just means it was light enough to be tow by a small van. 16 ft all fiberglass camper. Made luxurious with vinyl ceiling and walls so no rust or peal.
No leaks, no leaks
No mold or mild due. Kept clean. All lights work. Has furnus, sink, stove, fridge, and outlets. Sleeps 4 or 5 comfortable. Super light just like scampers.
Less than 1000lbs.
Does have room if you want to add toilet again. Now area used as storage closet only.
All lights work.

The reason you dont hear about these fiberglass campers is be use they went out of business making fiberglass campers. They still product other trailer styles but no longer products fiberglass campers.

There are high end finished not like the scampers where it looks totally plastic. Still sturdy enough for a strong feel.

Come have a look
Clean title and ready for your trips this summer.

So if your looking for the best fiberglass camper money can buy. This is it.
Dont be fooled by the small egg looking scampers, they are made with less care, I have owned many and this is my favorite ones. I have not updated anything yet, and it would not take much.

Pulls easy light , took it up north camping no issues.