Wanted: South East Lightweight Trailer (Scamp etc)

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Wanted: South East Lightweight Trailer (Scamp etc)



Been responding to so many for sale ads, but can never seem to catch a good one before they sell. I'm looking for a 13' scamp, casita, trillium, Hunter compact, or anything similar! Cash in hand. Depending on condition & features- I'd like to buy in the $6,000-$8000 range for something in reasonable condition. Can be a project *as long as the subfloor is good and the frame is good*. If your trailer is fully sorted and on the newer end, I'm willing to go up to ~$10,000. Does not need a bathroom, ac etc, but it's OK if it does!


Located in central SC and don't want to travel more than about 6 hours. I can drive to much of FL, TN, VA etc and back home in a day- I'm good with that. 


Let me know what you have, if I can't find anything soon I'll be ordering a cargo trailer. Thanks!