Wanted Scamp 16 layout 6

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Wanted Scamp 16 layout 6

Wanted Scamp 16" layout 6 w side dinette and front bath for Spring/Summer 2023. Deluxe or Standard OK.

Northeastern states preferred for purchase (we are in CT) but would drive as far as the mid-west or possibly south eastern states for the right rig.

Prefer 2015-2019 but cant be to picky- will consider older if well kept and newer if add on's and price beat waiting for brand new next year. 

Can also hit me up if you have something similar. Though we like the Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe (need over 6' headroom) it's just a bit too heavy loaded w my Rav4 V6 with original factory tow package and 3500 max tow capacity. Might consider a Scamp 14 w bath if its near by as a starter and then order the 16' new for next year.

Thanks for reading and considering!

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