(SOLD) Suburban Furnace NT-16SE (from 13' Scamp)

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(SOLD) Suburban Furnace NT-16SE (from 13' Scamp)

Selling a Suburban Furnace NT-16SE that was removed from our 2009 13' Scamp by the previous owners who remodeled it. It was removed to make room for additional storage space under the sink, and also because the owners knew they would not use it.

I am told it is in working order, and I assume it was probably never used. Without taking it apart, I can see the internal components (i.e. the fan) look very clean. Included with the furnace unit is the interior vent cover and the thermostat. It does not include the external direct vent, as that was left attached to our Scamp and I don't have the skills to remove it.

Buy this to replace your faulty furnace, or to install in another recreational vehicle that doesn't have one. These are apparently installed in a variety of campers, and can also be installed in tiny homes and other small areas.

Stock image below; I can provide pictures of the actual unit on request.


Trailer Location: 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


$200 plus shipping