SOLD Solar 2015 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe - $18,500 - Santa Cruz, CA

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SOLD Solar 2015 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe - $18,500 - Santa Cruz, CA

This is a offgrid 2015 Casita Spirit Deluxe with 650 watts of professionally installed solar up top, 325 watts on the Casita and another 325 watt panel that can be set out or mounted on top of a car (so you can park the Casita in the shade if needed). This Casita is completely self-sufficient with more power than you would ever need. Seriously. Two large Crown AGM 6CRV390 batteries (these alone cost $950). The Casita was bought for $19,000 two years ago and then we spent another $3,000 on the solar installation. The inverter is a ProWatt SW and the controller is a Tristar MPPT 45. This system gives the same amount of power as a Tesla Power wall, so it can handle anything you can throw at it. I also have a trimetric reader installed, so you can see percent power available in the battery as well as current amperages used. This system is very user-friendly and I will provide detailed notes on this system to any interested buyers.

This Casita Spirit Deluxe also has many extras like awning, refrigerator vent fan, 25 gallon fresh water tank, outside shower, TV antenna with amp, cable ready, fan roof vent, 2" foam mattress topper. I also will include a Trimax wheel chock and hitch lock (good security measures). 

Cassie was well loved and the body is in excellent shape. She was treated well and is priced fairly considering her major upgrades. There is only one minor scuff at the front of the camper and she's also got a bent tube where the black tank hose goes in (these steep hills in Santa Cruz). The bar for the awning also needs to be replaced. I'll see if I can order one of those for you. I just had her bearings, plates, and drums replaced (about $600), so she should be maintenance free for quite a while. Right now, I am working on touching up the cabinets and getting her ready for her next owner, but if you are interested in checking her out give me a call or text.


Experience real freedom with free power from the sun! 650 watts and two large AGM batteries and you have all the energy you could possibly need and no electric bill. This setup generates the same amount of energy as a Tesla Power Wall! Never worry about logistics and reservations again. And now you can enjoy camping off the grid. 

This is a simple and safe setup that is professionally installed and all major hardware exists on a board than can easily be removed for maintenance.  One panel exists on the truck and the other on the camper. The connection between the truck and camper is simple and safe as can be. Just use standard cables, easy to replace (being standard 15amp extension lines) allowing you to connect up as many as you need to get the truck to the sun if the camper is shaded.

Here’s the big parts. This really is the most simple reliable easy system. 

  • Trimetric Reader: This is the most useful piece in my mind. It tells you exactly how much of what you are using off the battery. 
  • Sun Electronics Solar Panels: Two 325 watt panels. One on the camper and the second one can be mounted on a vehicle or on the ground.
  • Two Crown 6CRV390, 390Ah 6V L16 Batteries - This is the best AGM battery in the market that I know of. These alone cost $950.
  • Morningstar TS-MPPT-45 Tristar Mppt 45 Amp  It is the charger that will work up to 600watts solar.  $440 on Amazon 
  • Xantrex 806-1210 PROwatt 1000 SW Inverter

This is about $1,800 in the main parts of the system alone.

The second panel can be mounted on ground if needed. You may arrive at a place late at night, meaning you’re driving during optimal daylight. And this system works while you’re driving! So you’ll be at 100% battery when you get there. So why is it on the truck? I didn't want to be setting out external solar panels every night. And I didn't want to be limited by the roof space of the Casita.

I've gotten countless messages that read: "I saw your post in the "BLAH BLAH BLAH" Facebook group and I just don't understand why you need that much wattage. What are you trying to compensate for?" But truth be told, I have never met someone that has complained about having too much solar. Oh yeah, another advantage of having half our solar parked on the truck is that we get to park the Casita in the shade and the truck out in the sun (and the connection can be as long as 300 feet)!

So another big question you might be asking: Why the slanted panel on the Casita? And the answer is simple. A slanted panel is going to be more efficient, better in wind while driving and it also made it really easy for us to install this giant panel on the Casita. (I don't think I've ever seen a bigger one installed on a 17 foot Casita, but prove me wrong.) And one other thing: having a slanted panel makes it super easy for us to direct our setup south for better solar efficiency. 

The solar panel mounts are glued to the roof that way no extra holes are added to the fiberglass (which doesn't hold screws well anyway). We used M3 5200 fast cure and solar mounts. The solar panel is mounted so that it comes off (being attached to the air conditioner cover) before it takes your camper airborne. 

This is really a quality solar installation. Here’s a few more details just to give you an idea of the thought that went into this setup. Stainless steel all outdoor hardware was used all around. The inverter hooks up to the shore power plug so there is no need to change wiring. All major components are board mounted. Part of the reason to mount the inverter and other components on a board is so they can easily be taken out when you need to work on them. Quick release cables are used everywhere, to make connecting and disconnecting the panels a cinch. All wire runs kept voltage loss below 3% (if you don't know that that means, look up voltage drop calculator). Also, the trimetric reader is  most useful piece in my mind. It tells you exactly how much of the battery you’re using in current usage and percent battery power, which is great for conserving power and making sure your panels are working efficiently. Seeing 100% on this thing makes me so happy.

And a few things about the batteries: The AGM batteries are stored in the closet. It's perfectly safe to store these type of batteries inside. When buying lead batteries, understand only 50% of the Ah can be used on a regular basis before you start to degrade the batteries. We emptied the old battery box and it makes a great tool box now. 

This thing is seriously a work of art.


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Santa Cruz, CA