SOLD - Scamp 2007 16’ Layout #6 Customized $13,500 - Pascagoula MS

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SOLD - Scamp 2007 16’ Layout #6 Customized $13,500 - Pascagoula MS



This Scamp has had considerable modifications to improve usability off grid, increase functional storage, and to fix things that were wearing out. All repairs and modifications were completed in 2017. Scamp is solar ready. Refrigerator works on propane or electric. Heater is propane only and works well. Water Heater is propane only and works well. A/C is shore-power only and cools her down in a jiffy. Ceiling vent fan works great. The awning is in good condition, wasn’t used before this year. She’s in great condition and is looking for her next set of adventures!

Photos are available at: https://

List of modifications/repairs:

  • New waterproof laminate flooring: under table, main floor, & under aft bed.
  • Cabinet doors were replaced with premium pine boards. All have push button knobs that secure doors during transit.
  • LED lights (see details below) were added in three groups (dinette, kitchen, bed). Each of these three areas have their own toggle switch. There are remotes that are usable to dim all three sections (if toggled on) the lights or to create light effects. I don’t recommend using the remotes for on/off functions, due to having three sections controlled by one remote.
  • Gold curtain rods were removed and were replaced with silver rods. Rivets were replaced with stainless steel screens & locking nuts + caulk & cap.
  • Custom fabric curtains were made.  


  • Paint was treated to remove yellowing and bring back the beautiful white shine.
  • Exterior had two coats of marine grade wax applied.
  • All exterior rivet caps were removed, loose rivets were replaced, caulking was redone and new caps were installed.
  • Seals were replaced on the emergency egress & vent fan. Rivets were re-caulked.
  • Windows have been tinted. The tint has been removed from ½ of the back window as the tint I selected was being damaged by the sliding window seal. Tint is a high quality removable tint that has a rubber like texture. A thin film tint will be needed on this window.
  • Double propane tank holder with automatic switch value and tank gauge were installed.
  • Marine/RV 12 v battery installed on tongue. 1000MCA 800CCA.
  • New battery cable going from the battery to the interior electrical system.
  • Battery terminals are installed inside the camper for easy solar hook-up.
  • Hitch was added. Comes with a storage platform. Hitch can also be used for bike rack or grill rack.
  • The wheels were completely re-built: new brakes, new drums, new bearings, everything was either replaced or inspected. Electric braking system works well.


  • Carpet was removed from bottom half of the door and was replaced with black pond liner rubber and aluminum screen door grating.
  • Door handle was replaced. New handle has a very nice easy locking feature (original had the pin system).
  • Door pull was painted black.
  • Black door trim/edging was replaced with trim/edging that has a D-seal. This allows the door to seal to the camper fiberglass/aluminum threshold. There are a few areas that don’t completely seal out air. I’ve had this camper is torrential rains and tornado weather, this door has not leaked water. My plan to fix the air seal for winter camping is black foam tape added to the fiberglass. (yes, I used the Scamp in the winter and she held up great)
  • Threshold was modified substantially. Bottom of screen door frame was removed for easier cleaning. A custom high-grade aluminum threshold was installed, with non-skid tape on it. It extends enough for the door to seal with it.


  • Toilet was removed, tank was cleaned, all seals were replaced, tank indicator electrodes installed. Tank level indicator readout is located on the aft side of the kitchen console.
  •  Waterproof toilet paper holder installed.
  • Shower caddy installed.
  • New Shower curtain & extension rod.
  • Spare extension rod that can be use in the bathroom to hang clothes on.
  • *Note… some people remove the bathroom door… I recommend keeping it to contain odors during #2. If you turn the vent fan on & in with the bathroom window open & the door shut, no odors enter the main part of the camper.

Forward Closet/Electrical

  • The original closet in Scamps are small holes with one shelf and a clothes rod. This area has been completely modified.
  • Fiberglass cut to maximize the opening available. The wood stability pieces were all left in place.
  • 4 Shelves that are supported ground up were installed. These are high quality pine laminate with a protective clear coat. Shelves maximize the storage space and work great with stackable plastic storage containers.
  • Wire rubber glove holder installed in the closet for easy access during dumping.
  • Electrical is housed here, underneath the bottom shelf. There is a quick access panel for routine checks. For more in-depth work (hooking up your solar unit) the bottom shelf comes out by removing the stanchion that supports the shelf above it.
  • An inverter was installed that can covert DC to AC.
  • New breakers were installed.
  • Electrical wiring was upgraded from Scamp specs to be energy efficient.

Side Dinette

  • Forward bench – The inside of the cabinet was lined with a lightweight wood laminate, so that this space can be used for storage without items touching the heating unit or getting lost in the space.
  • Aft Bench – The electrical was moved from the bottom of this area. The access area for the electrical was cutout to maximize storage space, a shallow drawer was installed here (depth limited by wheel). An additional access was installed for a second drawer. These drawers must be secured while in transit. The current secure method is use of baby drawer access prevention devices and they work well. (Note: the drawers were too shallow for self-shutting drawer slides)
  • Forward & Aft Benches – 12v plugs were installed with 2 USB charging ports and 1 cigarette lighter style port in each. The electrical outlets were replaced.
  • Overhead cabinet – On the underside the 2 incandescent lights were removed and replaced with low profile led lights.  

Right Side Forward Closet/Kitchenette

  • The microwave opening was cut larger and the door was removed. The opening is large enough to house the amazing Breville smart oven, with storage room on the side for your pans, plates, & trays.
  • Under the refrigerator: the storage space opening was cut larger for easier access with a drop-down door, secured with magnets. Flooring was replaced in the bottom of this storage area. Area is large enough to store: 16’ cast iron pan, a shallow crock pot, a Ninja Pulse with all accessories, and room to spare.
  • Faucet was replaced with a brushed nickel RV faucet. Faucet has settings for shower or direct flow. Faucet comes off for easy hair washing, filling of pots, cleaning of sink, etc.
  • Water shutoffs were placed before and after the hot water heater for isolation and draining as may be needed.
  • The incandescent light fixture that hangs on the back side of the refrigerator/oven/closet wall was removed.
  • A light switch was added on this wall.
  • The light was replaced with an undercabinet led light.
  • The holes in the fiberglass were covered with neodymium magnets for convenient storage of knifes. Magnets are strong enough that I was able to hang a steel butcher’s knife from them during transit with no problem.
  • A tilting drawer front was cut into the fiber glass to provide storage for sponges, etc.
  • The original drawer opening was cut square. A drawer frame was built and a drawer that’s on slides was installed. (original drawer hung from a weird particle board thing & didn’t work well) Drawer slides are self-closing and stay shut during transit.
  • The lower left cabinet door swing was reversed to allow for easier access into the under-sink area. The laminate floor under the sink was replaced.
  • Two cups were installed on the side wall. Useful for storage of make-up, toothpaste, brushes, etc.
  • The electrical outlet under the sink was replaced.

Between bed & the rest

  • Kitchen side: propane furnace controls (Velcro on fiberglass to hang fabric to cover lights for more restful sleep), furnace temperature probe, light switch for lights under aft overhead cabinets, tank level indicators & water pump switch.
  • Dinette side: CO2 monitor installed.

Aft Bed

  • The dinette/bed was removed and replaced with a permanent bed.
  • The water tank was moved from stbd side to aft center.
  • The permanent bed uses hydraulic shocks for easy lifting/closing.
  • Top of bed is ¼” oak plywood. It works great.
  • LOTS of storage space here… 2 HUGE drawers with self-closing slides accessible with bed lid down. The rest of the storage is under the bed lid.
  • Current mattress consists of: (bottom) 1” yoga mats, 4” soft memory foam mattress topper, a cotton tatami mat (top). It is a firm sleep that conforms nicely to the body. It’s a huge improvement from the original foam cushions. There is a mattress bag around the topper & tatami mat. I put a fitted sheet on it for easy cleaning.
  • Overhead cabinets were replaced with longer cabinets than Scamp sells, providing more storage space. Door hinges swing up and hold doors open. Starboard door has magnets to hold door shut, for modestly heavy items (vitamin weight).
  • Led lights added under overhead cabinets.

That’s all I can think of right now… There’s probably a few more things.

Trailer Location: 

Pascagoula, MS