SCAM Alert Warnings

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SCAM Alert Warnings

A Scam Alert is a warning to the public of fraudulent ads. It is us saying to you, the buyer, that we have confirmed this is a scam, a fraud - that you will lose your money if you send any to the scammers. This is a warning to all buyers to AVOID these listings. Do not pursue any of these trailers.

Here are some tips to help you avoid Scams. Use common sense and good buying procedures at all times.

  1. If you can't inspect the trailer personally or a trusted friend inspect it for you, don't buy it!
  2. If they want to ship it to you through a service sight unseen, don't buy it! (The latest trend is they will ask you to pay through Google Wallet or Ebay, ship it for free, hopeful you are so thrilled to get your deal you lose common sense.)
  3. If you can't match the VIN on an existing legitmate Title to the VIN on the Trailer, don't buy it! (Some states don't issue titles on trailers this size, so be extra cautious if dealing with one of those situations.)
  4. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!!
  5. Molded Fiberglass RV's bring very good resale prices based on condition and usually sell very well.  Make sure you are a seasoned buyer before pursuing the "deals."  There are occasional super deals, but there are so many seasoned molded fiberglass hobbyists, restorers, etc. pursuing them that they are usually gone withing four hours of listing if they're legitimate.

We know where and how most of the SCAMMERS operate and we're able to avoid their listings and issue SCAM alerts pretty quickly, but occasionally they'll change tactics and get a listing posted here or there.  If you encounter a listing that you feel is a SCAM please notify us immediately so that we can unpublish it and investigate.  We'd like to see these practices come to an end and the more we can educate the sooner it will end.

While we're not responsible for the content of seller or buyer posts (See our ad disclaimer), we are part of the Molded Fiberglass Family and we want this experience to be as legitimate and as enjoyable as it can be for each and every one of you.  We won't tolerate illegal, or objectionable postings and will take action as quickly as we can when we become aware of these type of activities.

Again, please be careful in your transactions and make sure they are legitimate sellers and buyers before proceeding.  If you have questions about a transaction, please feel free to ask us about it.

Happy camping, and we hope to meet each of you out there in your new "eggs" over the years ahead.