SCAM ALERT - 1999 or 2001 Casita Liberty Deluxe - $1500

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SCAM ALERT - 1999 or 2001 Casita Liberty Deluxe - $1500

*******As of 3/10/19, the Scammer has changed up the trailer year to 1999 instead of the 2001 that has been used for months. But the info and pics are the same.



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2001 Casita Liberty Deluxe - $1500

Year 2001 Casita Deluxe RV w/ Twin Bedding - $3000​

Casita Camper w/ Oven - $3000 ​

Very Nice Casita 2001 Deluxe - $1000​

'01 Casita Liberty Deluxe RV Having Two Basin Sink - $3000​

Casita low miles VERY NICE DEAL! camper travel - $4500​

Fantastic-99 CASITA Clean and Ready - $1000​

Craigslist ads running in numerous locations across the U.S. Price point, write-up and phone numbers vary ad to ad.

Different versions of Craigslist Ad Write-ups and Pics:

This 16-foot Casita travel trailer is the Liberty Deluxe model. This model has a bathroom with a toilet, shower and holding tanks. The air conditioner is mounted in the front of the trailer next to the bathroom. This keeps the trailer height to just under 8 feet. If your home has an 8-foot high garage door, you can store this trailer inside your garage, ready to go. No trips to the storage lot.

Within the last few years, camper producers make substantial improvement in amenities and also strategic utilization of space. Two of the primary requirements which will be addressed with this choice usually are luxurious and cost. 

However, if you'll want to go in an excursion which will take you away from the usual track, in which most people almost never visit, the most ideal approach to do it right is to find a recreational camper and also spend your trip out.

Some of you may have already installed solar power panels on the top of your recreational vehicle using a battery power bank, but if you didn't, perhaps this is a thing to consider. A lot of campers have power generators, but with zero petrol, they won't run.

This excellent item is filled with options, brand spanking new, just utilised three times, purchased it new so i'm the only owner.

I propose you a late unit used rv as a ideal long-term choice.You will still have some from the luxuries from your home, but let somebody else go ahead and take big decline hit in the first to 3 years of possession.

Description: Like new. ICE COLD rooftop air with heat , Two dinettes , 3 way refrigerator with freezer w. Auto , water heater, black water tank 16g , 2 burner Gas stove, 2 LP Gas tanks with gas regulator, gas detector, separate room for shower and commode with power vent .

"One Owner" and Stored Covered!
Rear Booth Dinette---Bed
Roof Ac unit
Deluxe Enclosed Awning
Microwave Oven
Flat Screen Color TV with Antenna

New a/c refrigerator
Gas/electric hot water heater
Air conditioner and furnace work great
Ready to camp

Casita travel trailer
sleeps2 Comfortably, full kitchen with all the amenities 
TV DVD CD AM/FM stereo, Qeen bed up front, bunks in back.
great wrap around booth dinette, power awning,

Very well maintained single slide travel trailer, sleeps 10. Front queen bed, 

pull-out couch, convertible kitchen table, 4 bunks in back. Microwave, stove/oven 

combo, refrigerator, double kitchen sink, entertainment center with TV/stereo. 

Outside minifridge in storage under rear of camper included. LOTS of storage 

space. No repairs needed as it's in excellent condition

Queen bed up front 
Sofa makes bed 
Dinnet makes bed 
Cold A/C
Stove vent hood combo 
Gas/Electric fridge 
Gas/Electric water heater 
Goose neck adapter
Good awning 
Weight 1900 LBS 
Price $4500

The appliances and what they run on:
-Refrigerator (propane or 110v electricity)
-Water pump (battery)
-Sink (battery)
-Heater (propane)
-Water Heater (propane)
-Stove Top (propane)
-Air Conditioning. Standard Ford engine AC and rooftop (110v electricity)
-Indoor LEDs Dimming and Remote Control (battery)
-Microwave (110v electricity)
-Indoor/Outdoor Shower (battery)
-Toilet (battery)
-Roof Vent Fan (battery)
-Generator (gas)
-Electrical Outlets (110v)

Air Conditioning, DSI Water Heater, Generator, Auxiliary Battery
Awning, Pass Through Storage, Ladder
1900 lb Hitch
Bluetooth, Backup Camera, AM/FM/CD Player, Cruise Control
Jack Knife Sofa, Dinette, TV Antenna, Polar-Aire Fan
Microwave, Stove top, Stainless Steel Sink, Refrigerator/Freezer
Sleeps 2 in rear, Bunkbeds, Plenty of wardrobe storeage, Accordion Separator
Vanity, Medicine Cabinet, Toilet, Shower w/ Skylight, Vent.
perfect for family rv/camping trips


Contact me at: 

Contact me at:


269) 430-7136 ext. 269 - Richard

(507) 299-4122 - J

(608) 999-5581 - Brian

(337) 305-7284 - Margaret

601-909 9452

402-769 0239


(304) 241-6864

701 666-6301

(571) 428-0550   

567 803 0858

636-730 1675


205 860-6153




984 255-1569



781-656 8354

715-598 5033

702-956 9538   


551 263-0206



915 613-5155




812 994 3366

616-278 1498

716 513 0509

305 882 9457


571-428 0550


559-933 0978

(443) 342-6138

208 745-2453

253 275 0672

(614) 956-3672   (DO NOT CALL ANY OF THESE NUMBERS!)

(865) 465-6761

470 359 9002 


272 207 6864

(806) 557-0706

(912) 250-2193

(512) 734-8892

(205) 433-6670

(434) 448-2639

(843) 474-0877

(979) 272-5361

(919) 245-7612

(925) 794-8349   (DO NOT CALL ANY OF THESE NUMBERS!)

(309) 306-0458

(385) 988-2568

(385) 388-0275

(901) 808-0629

 (443) 251-0724



864) 568-2339
(do not call, email or pursue buying this trailer. This is a fraud, a scam listing. The emails and phone # are being posted for search engine purposes.)









Cuidado: Estas Son Estafas!

Alerte à la fraude!


Email and/or Phone: 

SCAM!! Do not contact.
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scam alert-2001 Liberty deluxe travel trailer


I was also an attempted victim of this scam.  the trailer was advertised on craigslist.  same pictures as was shown in this scam alert.  phony info and an attempt to get me to wire money prior to trailer delivery from a phony transport company in Montana (claimed to be military, about to be deployed, husband had died etc etc.  don't fall for it!

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SCAM Alert 2001 Casita Liberty Deluxe

I received this reply to my inquiry about a Casita trailer and it contained the same photos listed above. The message came from

My 2001 Casita Liberty Deluxe, is still for sale. This trailer is in great shape.  I’m the original owner. It has no damage or hidden defects. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and  hasn’t been involved in any accident. I have a clear title, without liens or loans on it, under my name. I am selling it at this final price of $2,000 because my husband  died 3 month ago and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I  want to sell it.If you are interested in buying looking for your reply. Have a great day.



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Add another phone number

Listing on CL, phone number 858-282-0173. Casita Deluxe. Asking $3000 not negotiable. Texted because I initially thought it might be a project trailer. They asked for my email right away which I thought was strange. Reverse image search found it was a scam. Thankfully, they didn't get anything more than my phone number :P

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Casita scam alert

Also fell for this, someone claiming they are posting for sister and using the email address Said their husband died a month ago and just wants it gone

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Scam Alert - Facebook Marketplace - Same scam as above

Email from Amanda Jackson -

Thank you for your interest in my '2001 Casita Liberty Deluxe. One owner, 16 feet Length ,11-20 Gallons Water Capacity, 2 Sleeping Capacity,1 AC , Clear Title. I have maintained this camper  the entire time I have owned it. The Casita  looks and performs like new. This camper never had accidents or problems. I own a clear title under my name.
I am selling it at this final price of  $1000 because my husband died 1 month ago and it brings me bad memories  and that’s the reason I want to sell it a.s.a.p. I want to use eBay  services for the safety of both of us so if you’re interested in  purchasing this camper, I can notify eBay that you are selected as my  possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire  procedure.


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