Bogart TriMetric Battery Meter Solar Charge Control 500A Shunt Cables MORE - $285 - Naples, NY

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Bogart TriMetric Battery Meter Solar Charge Control 500A Shunt Cables MORE - $285 - Naples, NY

Bogart TriMetric Battery Meter Solar Charge Control 500A Shunt Cables MORE

The solar controller is new in package and Battery monitor used and was just sent in for the updated filmware

so both units will be running the latest versions of filmware vs 2.8 on the TM 2030 vs11.0 on the sc 2030

If your solar powered RV, off grid home or boat depends on batteries for electrical power, the Bogart Trimetric Battery Charger / Battery Monitor system, consisting of the TM 2030 and SC 2030; provides precise charging to maximize and maintain the life of your batteries.

Bogart Engineering Battery Care System with the cables, shunt, and sensor required for an easy installation.

This system includes:

1 TriMetric TM 2030 RV Battery Monitor which comes in mounting case

2 Companion SC 2030 Solar Charger

3 Cable set, model CAB22 35, a 35 Ft Cable with Fuses and Ring Terminals,

this is cut to 15' so you have 2 wires 15' and 20'

4 Deltec Shunt MKB 50 500, which is a 500A/500 mV Shunt

5 TS 2 Temperature Sensor for the Charger temperature monitoring

6 25 Ft Crossover Cable for Charge Controller

This system includes the latest versions of the products.

The TM 2030 RV is a battery monitor designed to assist in battery care, conservation and system maintenance of battery powered systems that use storage batteries. It provides the user with information on battery "volts", "amps" and "amp hours" and "battery percent full" information, based on measuring the amp hours removed from the battery system. It works with 48V battery systems standard as well as 12 Volt and 24V systems. Includes as standard a measure of lightning protection and overvoltage protection.

The SC 2030 Solar Charger, working with the TM 2030 battery monitor has unusual benefits that can extend the life of your battery system. When designing the SC 2030, Bogart Engineering researched battery manufacturers specs and created a precise charge. Many solar charge controllers have very limited ability to adjust a few even charge with voltage that is lower than what any battery company recommends.

The Bogart Engineering Charge Controller ensures that batteries are not damaged by over or under charging:

1. Amp hour counting: During a discharge period it measures precisely the amount of previous discharge, and then when recharging adds back the same amount plus an additional measured percentage of charge: for liquid electrolyte lead acid batteries about 110 120 or for AGM types about 104 109 .

2. To maintain battery capacity, the charger offers an extra higher voltage mini equalization finishing stage. During the last part of the charge it can increase charging voltage at a regulated low current value to avoid undercharge during a limited solar day. This is sometimes called IUI charging.

3. To match any battery type it has 8 adjustable charging parameters. To make installing these values easy, select one of 18 battery profiles which will automatically install all these values for your particular batteries. After doing this, experts with special requirements may modify any of these.

All this is controlled by the TM 2030 Battery Monitor located in your living area connected with a phone cable to the SC 2030 usually located near the batteries. So in addition to high quality charging you also get all the benefits of the TM 2030 monitoring system: volts, battery amps, solar amps, replaced percent of charge compared to previous discharge, extra unused solar power, battery temperature and more.

Please note that this TriMetric includes an external 500 Amp shunt to be located near your batteries to measure "amps" and "amp hours". The shunt is Deltec Shunt MKB 50 500.

The meter readout may be located away from batteries and is usually connected to the shunt with a 4 wire cable. 15 FT of the special 4 wire cable with fuse are included.

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