SOLD - 2016 21ft Escape Trailer - One of a kind, new condition - Anaheim CA -$28,500 USD

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SOLD - 2016 21ft Escape Trailer - One of a kind, new condition - Anaheim CA -$28,500 USD


Nearly new Classic style 21 ft (with airplane door) used just once on a 3 week trip this past August. The trailer looks equal to or better than when we took delivery. No pets, non-smoking owners. 

Unique in that it uses a 6.8 cf 12vdc Nova Kool, two door marine refrigerator using DanFoss low energy compressor technology. Trailer batteries are US made 520 amp-hour 6v Lifeline AGM battery bank. Batteries charged with 120vAC Xantrax 40amp temperature sensing charger and 3 stage RedArc tow vehicle battery to trailer house battery charger, separated by ignition activated that prevents tow vehicle battery drain when parked.

Due to this being last or next to last Classic style 21ft off the assembly line, it came with many 2017 features not offered previously as the 2017 models were moving along late 2016. The floorplan's best feature is the rear U shape dinette that allows backing in to more scenic views while dinning, relaxing and just hanging out. We enjoyed this immensely as having this up front usually but not always leaves you with a view of the back of the tow vehicle. 

Everything works, not a scratch on it. It's a perfect "travel/on-the-go" large and comfortable trailer. Waited 14 months, took delivery November 2016.
We have had no issues with any aspect of the trailer nor the upgraded electric refrigerator/AGM battery storage system. Electrical system tops up while driving allowing 2 to 3 days dry camping (boondocking) easily. We are not stay in one place travelers. Unless solar is added, this configuration is not designed for long term boondocking.

Modifications are functional in nature, not visible in cabin. Cabin is clean, in new condition equal to when we took delivery. No personalized modifications done such as adding shelving, towel bars, hooks, paper towel holders, attachment to any wall, built in electric heater, etc, etc. Looks just like when it was delivered.  Three exceptions  1) wall mounted Trimetic battery storage monitor,   2) electric refrigerator intake air grill near foot of bed,   3) ultra-quiet electric refrigerator exhaust fan facing back on driver side dinette. Barely audible if standing next to it.

Kim and I had big plans to personalize and decorate the interior over time, she has very good taste. Unfortunately this purchase did not work out for dear wife and I, we have changed our travel plans for the better. It can be your trailer to personalize now. This includes the clean exterior front wall waiting for a mural. 

Clean title. Trailer available now. Will work with you on delivery

Be happy to answer any questions. If interested please email me at   "w721731 at g_m_a_i_l dot com" 


1.    Rear U shape dinette - this is our favorite options.

2.    Front storage box w/sprayed gravel shield.

3.    Thermal dual pane window package.

4.    Extra full wall insulation package.

5.    Custom Manning cushioned vinyl floor with large spare roll - Manning 130270, Stone Harbor 6" plank layout, Seagull color. 

6.    Upgraded one hole chrome faucet, Edsvik brand dual cross handle type control.

7.    Stainless steel sink with cover.

8.    Horton tank sensors, accurate vs stock factory ones which are not.

9.    Electric 110v water heater option.

10.    (6) 12 vdc electric drops on all overhead cabinets for future lights, stereos, TVs, etc.

11.    Reinforced wall between bath and bed to be used for future shelving, etc.

12.    Removable sealed screw on marine type 30 amp 110v cord.

13.    Outside covered 110vutlet.

14.    Aluminum wheels (4).

15.    Toilet foot valve.

16.    Bank of lights switched at entry door for inside dome, outside porch and utility area on drivers side near water heater.

17.    Sand pads that prevents the 4 stabilizers from sinking in mud, hot asphalt and yes sand.

18.    Integral fiberglassed blocking between bath door and entry door to attach any future storage cabinet, cubby, etc. Sheet of factory wood panelling available for this. We did not like the standard factory cubby offering.

19.    All LED lighting.

20.    Shelf over bed headboard.

21.    Captain lights over bed.

22.    Cabinet over closet microwave ready with 110v outlet protected by one of the AC panel breakers.

23.    LED light over 2 burner stove. No hood, opens up room. MaxxFan works far better.

24.    Bike rack ready 2" receiver on rear bumper.

25.    MaxxFan.

26.    Standard non powered opening roof vent wired for second MaxxFan if needed.

27.    Air conditioning "ready". Roof reinforced, wired from panel breaker to roof.


1.    Installed Nova Kool 6.8 cf 2 door 12vdc marine refrigerator. Reliable (set and forget), excellent performance, requires NO site leveling. In an hour makes ice cubes and can be loaded with trip groceries. Additionally because it's electric, no side wall or roof vents were cut at factory creating a better sealed cabin. This offers peace of mind during heavy rains, wind, passing trucks and insect looking for a warm place. For us there is no going back to propane cooling. Noval Kool model 6800 12vdc, manufactured in British Columbia Canada.

2.    Lifeline AGM 6v batteries, 520 amp-hours. We dry camped 3 days easily while staying above 50% draw down. Once on the road tow vehicle charges at 40 amp rate using RedArc dc to dc 3 stage charger. No issues with hydrogen gassing in cabin setting off propane alarms. Lifeline models GPL-6CT (2) and GPL-4CT (2) Made in the USA.

3.    RedArc 40 amp battery to battery 3 stage tow vehicle charging system mounted in the trailer. Charger has built in MPPT solar regulator for future solar installation. The 4 AWG wire running from tow vehicle battery to trailer and all water resistant connectors, continuos duty ignition controlled solenoid battery disconnect and 60 amp fuse is documented and comes with the trailer. RedArc model BCDC1240-LV.

4.    Xantrax True Charge 40amp 110v marine charger good for 3 banks. Uses external temperature sensor attached to AGM battery to modulate bulk charge rate depending on internal battery temperature.

5.    Bogart Engineering Trimetric battery system monitor. Programmable, shows % battery drain, amp-hours used or charged, ampere flow in or out of battery system, voltage on up to two batteries and more. Trimetric model TM-2030RV with 500A/50mV shunt.

6.    Husky WDH, (weight distribution hitch) with sway control. Husky model 32215 Center Line TS with spring bars. 400 to 600 pound tongue weight capacity and 2" ball. Comes with trailer.

7.    Wired backup camera viewed on 7" TFT LCD color display (540TVL resolution), 50ft night vision. Accepts two additional cameras (not supplied). Wired performance far exceeds wireless. Tow vehicle wiring, connectors and viewer comes with trailer. Rear View Safety model RVS-770613-213.

8.    Proven Industries brand tongue lock, best tongue lock bar none. Proven model 2516-A.

9.    Under bed storage divided in two and insulated. No route to cabin through hatch. Additional foam board insulation under entire bed.

10.    All house battery related electrical upgrades documented in schematic.

11.    (2) BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizer/locking chock with wrench. BAL model 28012, comes with the trailer.


1.    Manual awning, although trailer is "awning ready". All factory wood support blocking required to support future install in in place. Factory installed standard wood blocking fiber glassed internally to upper and lower shell.

2.    Factory dinette table comes with trailer but not installed. Not greatest design, most people seek better alternative, we certainly were going to. Had factory installed it, we would have been left with 12 holes in very expensive flooring. Temporarily using $13 Wal-Mart folding table. Disassembled table and all hardware comes with trailer.

3.    Factory kitchen hood comes with trailer but not installed. Fan and filter not greatest design, noisy with anemic fan. Without it, opens up the room. The MaxxFan removes all cooking odors far better than the noisy, weak standard hood. Hood comes with the trailer.


Trailer Location: 

Anaheim CA