SOLD *Remodeled Hunter Compact ll "AS IS" - $11,500 - Salt Lake City, UT

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SOLD *Remodeled Hunter Compact ll "AS IS" - $11,500 - Salt Lake City, UT

Hey there Vintage Campers!

I'm selling my 1973 Hunter Compact II fiberglass pop top Trailer. Incredibly lightweight, you can tow this with nearly any vehicle to make this the ultimate 4x4 lightweight camper combo. It weighs around 1,000 pounds and I easily move it around my driveway by myself. Unlike most trailers this is easy to pull on long road trips and barely impacts your gas mileage. Also-IT FITS IN A NORMAL GARAGE!!  

Hunter Compacts have a cult following (most are still around since they are fiberglass). Pop top gives you 6'3" standing room in the kitchen area. banquet seating folds into a queen size bed with table down and cusions have been recovered in Sunbrella fabric that does not fade and is waterproof. Runs on battery, AC power, and propane.  Trailer was kept in incredible condition before I got my hands on it. Used it for a while but our family out grew it.  

This beautiful compact has all of the original built ins that are still very solid from the cabinets, vinyl on the walls is original as well as the fridge, toilet, stove, heater, sink, faucet, table, brass lights, ect. Just beautifully updated for the modern camper. We fixed all of the cracks in the outer shell and gave it a new paint job so its ready for any season!

Fridge, toilet, stove,sink, faucet, water pump, electrical, gas lines- all work great. 

Appliances are all original. The Oven and the heater wont turn on (but the stove works great). I don't know enough about that kind of stuff to mess with it.  The vinyl on the pop up part has seen better days and would need to be replaced sometime soon. A couple things are still original including electrical,but it still work great. So that is why we are selling "AS IS".

Email me with questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Serious inquiries only.

Thank you for looking!

*does not come with propane tanks or Batterie




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Salt Lake City, Utah