Recommendations to help sell your trailer

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Recommendations to help sell your trailer

Tips To Help Sellers Sell Molded Fiberglass RVS Quickly and at a Fair Price

This information is compiled from a vast array of resources and personal experience.  As the owner of I have been posting listings for molded fiberglass travel trailers in excess of a decade. 

  1. Price your travel trailer correctly!  This is the most important element in the process.
    • If you are too high your fiberglass trailer will languish on the market and you'll be pestered by folks telling you the price is too high. From experience, these molded fiberglass trailers do not sit for sale long if they are priced correctly, so if you see your trailer is not selling then you need to correct either your price or the condition of the travel trailer.
    • If you price it too low you will be buried under a deluge of calls and emails and you will most likely see your trailer posted next week for the correct price and someone else will make your missing profit. 
  2. Fiberglass-rv-4sale has one of the easiest to use and most organized SOLD listings archive anywhere.  Archiving the SOLD's by brand helps you to quickly research past listings that have SOLD and for approximately how much.  We put an editor's note on prices where we are able to confirm the selling price with a seller.  Molded Fiberglass RV buyers are a niche market and are very educated on the approximate prices that different brands and models should sell for based on condition so do your research before you sell your beloved "egg."  
  3. What you get for your fiberglass rv is based on several factors, but condition is an important one.  Before you sell I recommend you finish any unfinished projects, clean and detail both the inside and outside of your camper and get it as ready to camp as possible.  If you are selling a travel trailer that is a project trailer, price it accordingly and also be completely upfront with your ad text and pictures to reveal all that you can about its current condition to a prospective buyer.  Again, this is a saavy group of buyers so don't try and hide or conceal anything.  There are plenty of fiberglass rv buyers out here that are looking for project trailers and as long as your price is correct it will sell promptly.  Sometimes the project trailers sell the quickest.
  4. Get all your title, bill of sale, owners manuals, and necessary documents of any kind ready and available for showings.  The more information you are able to put together on your trailer the faster it will sell.  If your state is one of the states that doesn't issue titles on travel trailers disclose that in the ad and be prepared to meet any necessary documentation your buyer will request to satisfy their state requirements for licensing.
  5. I highly recommend you put the best contact information in your ad as you feel comfortable with. Phone #'s and/or reliable email addresses that will reach you reliably and quickly will help sell your travel trailer faster.  I never recommend putting a personal email on ads, but to create or use an email from a free service such as hotmail or yahoo.  For phone number, I highly recommend you use Google voice instead of posting your personal number. Make it as easy as possible on the interested buyer to get hold of you.   
  6. Photos:  Extremely important for your ad.  You should have about four photos that clearly show the exterior and interior of the trailer.  Posting tons of photos that show every little detail is unnecessary. You should have about 5 - 10 additional photos that you can email to prospective buyers to see your trailer in greater detail.  You should know how to work with digital images and do basic rotation and resizing in order to post correctly.  Our photo upload system is one of the easiest I've ever encountered on the Web, but if you don't know how to work with images it will still be challenging.  You can simply email us the photos and your ad url if you would like us to post them for you.  And of course we are happy to list your entire ad for you if you will send us all the information that is necessary.  We're here to put buyers and sellers together and we'll help however we need to.
  7. Legitimate sellers need to understand this hobby is frequently targeted by scammers listing fraudulent ads. The scammers always try to get deposits or money upfront from the buyers and then "disappear" once they get the money. So if you are a legitimate seller, demanding money upfront before the buyer drives to your location to view the trailer is a red flag. If the buyer is willing to travel within a day or two and be out the travel time and money to get to you, they must be serious about buying. If they can't get there within a window of time that you are comfortable with, then pass on that buyer and wait for the next one. But we never recommend deposits change hands.

We have provided a very powerful editor to post ads that is easy enough to use for beginners and feature rich for more experienced users. The format of providing buyers a single place to come and reach sellers without having to chase listings all over the Internet is paying huge dividends for both buyers and sellers of fiberglass travel trailers.  Enjoy the experience and if we can assist anywhere in the process feel free to ask.  If we help you sell your travel trailer we hope you'll remember us with a donation to keep this service running for many years to come.

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