SOLD RARE 16 ft. 1979 Scamp ACORN - $4500 - Naperville, IL

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SOLD RARE 16 ft. 1979 Scamp ACORN - $4500 - Naperville, IL

RARE - The Scamp Acorn was only produced for 1 year so these are extremely RARE! The Acorn was produced in 1979 for one model year after Scamp was sued over the use of the name by another RV manufacturer. They won, and resumed production as Scamp by 1980. Be one of the small few to have an actual ACORN. So don't delay! First to pay or put down a deposit, gets it. I can take paypal for the deposit and need the balance within 5 days of sale. You can pick up anytime within the next 30 days. All original and even has the front window protector (not shown in pictures) This is not a scam so you can buy with confidence. For sale is a 16 foot vintage 1979 Scamp Acorn camper trailer. I don’t have a title but I will provide a bill of sale so that you can apply for a new title. Needs a new roof vent installed which I have included in this sale as shown on the table. It is currently covered with a tarp and has been indoors all last year in my shop. I purchased this in Indiana last year and drove it 4 hours to Naperville Illinois with no issues. Tires are still holding the air from back then. The wire harness connector was clipped at the connector so you can't plug in the trailer lights but I have some magnetic ones that I can provide you to use to transport it if you are pulling it. It does have brakes but not sure what works on this Scamp since I have never tested anything. Pulled it with a Toyota Sienna for the 4 hour trip with no issues even without the Scamp brakes. Cushions are worn and should be reupholstered or replaced. and musty inside as expected for an oldy but NO water damage. Missing posts for bunk but those can easily be replaced. Decided to build a Tiny house on wheels so this project is not in the cards for me now.. Would make a great glamper or whatever you may have in mind. Floor and everything else are very solid. Bottom of door has a gap when closed which is pretty typical with these but I know there are some fixes online for that issue.. Message me if you have any questions. No bathroom but room to build one in the closet. Unsure of miles used.

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