SOLD - Project 2010 16' Casita Freedom Deluxe - $10,000 OBO - Brier, WA

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SOLD - Project 2010 16' Casita Freedom Deluxe - $10,000 OBO - Brier, WA

Offering a project Casita that I no longer have time for. I am also moving and have to downsize. Sold as-is.

Here's the bad, the good and the unknown.

I had to take the converter box out in order to clean and insulate under the seats. Therefore, all of the wiring is disconnected at this time. That means that you can't test anything and neither can I.

You will have to have it towed. It SHOULD NOT be hooked up to a break controller due to the wiring.

Before I took the converter out...
Some of the lights didn't work. That is because some of the wires have become disconnected.
The bathroom fan didn't work and is locked up.
The switch for the water pump didn't work.

The door to the closet is bent. There is no door to the bathroom.

Super light with a dry weight of about 2000 lbs. You can tow it with a Toyota Sienna.
It doesn't leak.
There is new insulation on the floor, currently covered by carpeting, but you can add a layer of 1/4" plywood over the top of it and then add stick-on flooring.
There is new insulation under the seats.
Before I took the converter out...
The AC works but doesn't cool that well.
The Fantastic fan works.
The furnace works.
The 3-way refrigerator works.
The water pump actually works. I hooked it up directly to the house battery to test it.
There is a NEW propane regulator and hose.
It comes with two propane tanks and a propane tanks cover.
There is a spare tire. Not tested.
The exterior is in good shape, it just needs a bath and perhaps one coat of clearcoat for fiberglass.
The wall carpeting has been cleaned professionally.
The cabinet doors have been painted white but need to be put back on the cabinets.
The original hinges for the cabinet doors have been cleaned.
It has a brand-new 150 AH deep cycle AGM marine battery. The kind you can put on its side. Contained in a pretty nice brand-new battery box. (It doesn't fit in the battery compartment, so you may opt out of the battery and let me keep it.)
Both the grey water and black water tanks have been cleaned/flushed by Honeybucket.
You get the foam for the cushions I was going to sew.

I have no idea if the toilet works or if the plumbing leaks because everything is disconnected.
I have no idea if the water heater works because everything is disconnected.
While the black water and grey water tanks did not leak when I had them flushed, I have no idea if they would leak under normal use.