SOLD - Project 1985 Casita Deluxe fiberglass 16’ trailer - $4500 - Hesperia, CA

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SOLD - Project 1985 Casita Deluxe fiberglass 16’ trailer - $4500 - Hesperia, CA

Sorry but the Price Is Firm

We’re thinking about selling our mid 80s Casita Fiberglass trailer. The trailer is a project, it has been sitting since early 2000s. Don’t recall the model but it’s the 16 footer with a shower, a bunk or side sitting area, The dinette converts into a bed, also has fridge cooktop cabinets and closet.

This trailer does Not have any paperwork, or registration. Honestly unsure about the year but I believe it could be an 84 or 1985. I purchased it as-is last year and will be selling it the same way. It needs to be gone through, the door needs alignment, the hinges are needing to be adjusted and the door latch doesn’t function properly. Casita and scamp trailers sell Oem windows for roughly $150 each and this trailer will need several replaced. The Original torsion axle is more than likely worn out as it’s sagging some and should be replaced, the frame too should be replaced. The interior lights all seem to work, I don’t recall if the exterior trailer lights work.

In early 2020 we began searching high and low for a good Fiberglass project trailer that we could build the way we wanted it. We searched for what seemed like half a year until we found this gem, it followed us home, we cleaned it up a bit, dreamed about our plan, it’s been sitting ever since.

The plan is/was to get a new Trailer frame built for it, I was going to remove the shell off the frame so I could take the old frame to Carson trailer‘s or a quality trailer manufacture and have them build a new frame copying the original. The trailer manufacturer would also provide new paperwork to register it. I also Planned on having a heavy duty torsion axle installed, 15” wheels, an extended tongue along with an extended rear end bumper for extra storage and to haul our motorcycle. Figured Maybe $1500 would make it road worthy. The interior is actually in good shape, The original upholstery looks ok, Was going to have it reupholstered but of course everything needs to be gone through, and tested, Just assume that the appliances don’t work and it needs everything but it’s really a great platform to build what you want.

We are just testing the waters here, haven’t quite given up the dream just yet but I may not get to this for a while and thought Lets just post it up and see what happens...

The first several photos are spread out Over 2020, some are when we first got it, Others are when I finally moved it into the back of our property, the last 15 or so are from January, 2021. The gel coat is in decent condition. I was considering painting the shell but since it’s cleaning up so nicely I may not have to. The floor seems solid, I was going to take the inside apart and redo it anyhow and wasn’t concerned with it but in case you were wondering I didn’t notice any soft spots.

Unlike Scamp trailers Casita manufactures a solid fiberglass bottom and are built to a higher standard.
Located in Hesperia, if you’re coming from any distance I would highly suggest to have it towed on a flatbed trailer, rentals are cheap enough, It would be much easier and safer, I would not take this on the freeway under any circumstances until the frame and axle are replaced.