SOLD - 1974 - Perris Pacer - $13,000 - Riverside, CA

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SOLD - 1974 - Perris Pacer - $13,000 - Riverside, CA

My wife and I got this perris pacer at the start of COVID-19 it came from a single owner and was loved for year and placed in their garrage. As you can see the origional paint is in excellent condition and very little cracks in fiber glass. I gutted the unside and uphostered new lining, new cusions and painted an epoxy white over the yellowed.

Upgrades include: 

  • Replaced cabinet doors with maple hardwood
  • Replaced old icebox firdge with a new slide out and yeti cooler 
  • New solar panels (100w) to power LED lights and Max Air Fan. 
  • New light blocking pull down blinds 
  • New sheet vinyl flooring 
  • New tires including spare 
  • New Lithium Ion Battery 

Repairs needed:

  • I didnt finish getting the 7 round cable installed, I was using temporary trailer lights. 
  • The sinks pump needs to be connected to the battery. 

More photos will be uploaded the camper still needs some minor work, but we are hoping to get something a bit bigger for our growing family :). 

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Trailer Location: 

California, Riverside