A very nice, 1997, 16' Scamp for sale - $9,500.00 - Aberdeen, SD 57401

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A very nice, 1997, 16' Scamp for sale - $9,500.00 - Aberdeen, SD 57401

A super nice, 16’ standard, layout four, 1997 Scamp camping trailer for sale. According to the Scamp website, the approximate weight is 1750-2000 and the hitch weight is 165 pounds. This low weight means that many types of vehicles can tow this camper. This is the most efficient and light trailer in my mind.

It easily sleeps three or four, if you were to have someone sleep on the floor or add on a bunkbed, which is not included. It has a bathroom/storage room with a window and portable toilet, a three burner stove, sink, refrigerator which can also be powered by propane, a propane powered furnace attached to a thermostat.

It has a spare tire, new bearings and new tires, a new deep cycle battery and case, a propane tank, many extra reflectors, and a very nice portable battery powered toilet. Also, It many windows that lock and open with screens, a roof vent, a dedicated closet in addition to the bathroom/storage room, a big, long storage shelf, and several cupboards as well.

The Scamp has a new retractable and wheeled stand along and the original mounted stand, both in the front. It is so light, that one person can push the trailer around on concrete easily. The back retractable stands are very easy to operate.

When I purchased it, the seller demonstrated how everything worked. I truly believe that everything still works well. I have not used any features except for the wall outlets and both the interior and exterior towing lights which all work well. Because of the lack of use, I have forgotten how to use the other features. The Scamp company explains everything you need to know about the operation of the camper. There are many videos found at: https://www.scamptrailers.com/helpful-videos

Also included, but not installed, is an automatic braking system. This includes brakes on the trailer wheels that are ready to be wired and a brake control device for your towing vehicle’s brake pedal. You don’t really need it because the Scamp is so light and that’s why I have not installed it yet. However, I suppose it would be nice to have.

You could use it either hooked up to electricity or use the 12v battery system. Also, you could use either the campsite water system or the onboard water system that includes a big tank. I also have many related miscellaneous items that I will include such as “dog bone” extension cord adapter, another roof vent with a fan, a small fan or two, a screen to use with full door, et cetera. All the items I mention in this document are included with no extra charge.

It has lots of extra (I think I went overboard for good luck) waterproofing on some windows and other spots. There are many hidden places for storage, much more than you would think.

For more pics and info please find a PDF in my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Eo0EkK76YAwMikNHmPN7LStW5ZS76Otp/view?u...

If you want to check it out, contact me via email, a text, or a call. To purchase, it would be just a matter of setting up a meeting time, showing up at the local Wal-Mart, paying me $9500.00 with a cashier’s check, sign a bill of sale and a seller’s permit, and transferring the clean title. You could hook up the trailer and drive it away and be a happy camper! It takes a 1 7/8" hitch ball so of course, make sure you all have the necessary gear for towing. I look forward to the possibility of visiting with you!


email: fred@northern.edu

cell voice or text: 605-216-0881

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Email: fred@northern.edu
cell voice or text: 605-21six-0881

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Aberdeen, SD 57401


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1997 Deluxe

Would a Deluxe 1997 be a rarity? I don't think I have seen one of that age.

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